23 Best Fantasy Book Series of All Time

best fantasy book series

Every avid reader has a soft spot for a specific genre that they like. Out of all the different genres of story-telling, fantasy-based stories are the most amazing. It’s a great way of getting your heading outside the usual. You can enjoy a magical world different from the routine by just reading a book. Unless you have done it before, you wouldn’t know the real feeling of reading a fantasy book series.

Fantasy book series is comprised of heroes, dragons, monsters, and everything else out of the ordinary. These stories create an imaginary world inside your head that gives you the pleasure of reading such books. If you crave such fantasy-based stories, then you are in the right place.

To help you out, we have listed some of the best fantasy book series of all time. Go through the list below to find out the books that are yet to be read.

1. A Song of Ice And Fire

Written by George R.R. Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire is one of the best fantasy series you will ever read. Coming from one of the pillars of fantasy, the story won millions of hearts all around the world.

The epic fantasy tale takes place in the fictional continents of Essos and Westeros. The story is known to revolve around three main plotlines, including the political ambitions of Daenerys Targaryen, feuds among families over the control of Westeros, and the rising threat of the Others.

2. The Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, and it is one of the most popular fantasy series that is considered to be in the same league as the Lord of the Rings. The first book of WoT published in 1990, and for all these years, it has captivated the minds of millions of readers worldwide. Unlike other fantasy tales, this is a rather complex story where you will find more than 1000 named characters. It is interesting to see how the author has managed to remember all these details.

The story takes place during the third age, where several events lead to the final confrontation between the Dragon Reborn and the Dark One. This is a full mystery, political, and war based story that revolves around The Dragon preparing for The Last Battle.

3. The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower is yet another great fantasy series that is written by Stephen King. This book is the perfect blend of fantasy and sci-fi that lasts up to seven novels. This main story circles around Roland Deschain, who is the last living Gunslinger. He is on a time-bound mission to locate the Dark Tower before it crumbles down and disappears. But time doesn’t seem to work the way as it should, and the entire kingdom has already disappeared. Roland faces the Crimson King in the Dar Tower, intending to fix everything right.

The series is exciting because it forms a link between all the other works of Stephen King. This means once you have completed reading dark Tower, you can quickly move to read any other novels from the author. At some point or the other, you will surely find the connection.

4. The Poppy War

This is a military-based fantasy, carefully written by R.F. Kuang. In the center of the story, there is an orphan girl. The story is based on historical events and is brilliantly written to show how the orphan girl has learned Keju. The girl enters the bets military school and learns about her power that was unknown to her for all this time. The Poppy War is an exciting story with a different touch.

5. The Sixth World

We have been introduced to many apocalyptic stories by various authors. But one story that particularly grabs our attention is The Sixth World, written by Rebecca Roanhorse. The story takes place amid an apocalypse where heroes, gods, and monsters are known to exist. To fight against the bad, the Dinetah monster slayer is born. Maggie, the protagonist of the story, is the Dinetah monster slayer who is set on a mission to find the little girl who has been abducted by the monsters.

6. Daughters of the Storm

Daughters of The Storm is written by Kim Wilkins. This fantasy revolves around five royal sisters and one crown. Soon the father of these five girls is struck by a mysterious sickness. The girls team up to save their father and also stop the treacherous brother from capturing the throne. From the storyline, we know that this is a story based on a royal household. The story may sound mainstream, but there are plenty of things that make the series interesting.

7. The Four Horsemen

We have always been very attracted to movies and stories that are based on the end of humankind. The Four Horsemen by Laura Thalassa is a similar story. It’s the tale of four horsemen who have come to earth to destroy humanity. Pestilence upon visiting Sara’s house, she knows that these horsemen need to be stopped or they will doom the entire humanity. She is determined to do anything to save the earth. But later, she realised that these horsemen cannot be killed and that she had only made them angrier. As the story progresses, it gets more interesting. If you don’t want to miss the end, then you should start redoing this book next.

8. Acacia 

Acacia by David Anthony Durham is a popular fantasy series that you shouldn’t miss at all. The story goes something like this, the ruler of the Known World, Leodan Akara, passes away. After his sad demise, his children take up his responsibilities. But under their rule, things don’t go as they thought.

Once a peaceful kingdom is no longer peaceful. In the series, we get to learn how they put in all their efforts to restore peace in the kingdom. They are trying every way to keep the kingdom from falling apart. They are doing it for the good of the people and not for their reputation.

9. Bartimaeus Sequence 

Written by Jonathan Stroud, this imaginative series is four-books long. The story follows a teenage magician named Nathaniel and Bartimaeus, his genie, who is a lively spirit. Bartimaeus enjoys everything that annoys is master. Disobeying his master is the most important thing for him. 

The series is mainly meant for kids, but it no doubt entertains other readers as well. This story is the perfect balance of magical fantasy and speculative fiction.

10. Black Company 

If you are looking for an extraordinary fantasy series, then Black Company by Glen Cook could be the perfect option for you. This military fantasy series is different than your average fantasy based stories, and therefore, you should give it a read. Both the main conflicts in the story have been described as “evil vs. evil.” You may get surprised who you finally end up rooting for.

11. The Black Magician

The next fantasy story that you must read is the Black Magician by Trudi Canavan. This trilogy tells the story of a girl named Sonea. The girl belongs from the slums of the magical country called Kyralia. 

In the story, only upper class-citizens are supposed to have the ability to perform magic. But Sonea soon finds out the truth about herself. She discovers her magical gifts. Her magical powers lead to her capture by the Magician’s Guild of Kyralia. However, she managed to escape them and soon feels the need to learn the right way of controlling her magical powers.

12. Bounds of Redemption 

Bounds of Redemption by M.D. Ireman is an unusual story that will blow your mind by the time you reach the end of the story. Tallos is set out to the north to find the corpses of his friend’s children. During his journey, all he wanted was for his mission to be easy and swift. But soon things take a different turn.

Tallos not even in his nightmares would have thought to come across something that would be worse the corpses. He is met with something that brings him and his people greater struggle, which he never thought would happen. Ireman is mainly known for his exciting plot twists. The kind of stories he writes is sure to leave you gasping.

13. Cassandra Palmer 

Written by Karen Chance, Cassandra Palmer is yet another intriguing story that you would want to read. The main character of the story is Cassie Palmer, who can peep into the future and also speak to the spirits of the past. Her special gifts are what makes her different from the rest. However, her special powers don’t keep her away from danger. It follows everywhere she goes. The thing that takes the form of a vampire mobster and the only thing it wants is her to die. Seven thrilling adventure stories defeat her foes. If you want to get to the end of it, then you will have to give this fantasy series a read.

14. Chronicles of Narnia

We have all heard of the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis. Many of us have watched the movie that was based on the books of Narnia, and that’s how we know about the magical world.

Chronicles of Narnia is all about exploring an old professor’s house, which suddenly leads you to a fantasy world that you have never seen before. Your whole world changes as you enter the magical cupboard, which happens to be the doorway of the world of Narnia. This series is full of great moments, twists, and mind-bending questions. If you haven’t watched the movies, then you should read the books.

15. Coldfire 

The Coldfire trilogy by Celia S. Friedman and is very popular among the readers. If you haven’t read this amazing fantasy story, then you are surely missing out on great things. 

The store takes place on the planet Erna where Fae is used as the source of energy for sorcery. The Fae is extremely dangerous, and it destroys the colonists on the planet. Priest Damien Vryce tries hard to bring peace between humans and the Fae, but his efforts didn’t bear any fruit. If you want to read a dark fantasy series, then this could be the one for you.

16. Crimson Moon 

Written by L.A. Banks, Crimson Moon is yet another great fantasy story that has to own the hearts of many. The story is about a Sasha Trudeau who happens to be a werewolf attack survivor. She, with her elite team of other survivors, works to keep paranormal activity away from the public.

In her quest, she fails to realize that some things are just out of her control. This series is all about vampirism, Lycanthropy, and other supernatural forces. As Sasha accepts herself the way she is, she can protect others.

17. Discworld 

If you are thinking that there’s nothing new in the fantasy genre, then think twice. That’s because Discworld by Terry Prattchet is going to blow your mind. The story is about a talentless wizard who is forced into adventures.

The story takes place on a planet that is shaped like a disc. Everything about the series is weird. Unless you give it a read, it is hard to express the thoughts in words. 

18. Earthsea Cycle 

Earthsea Cycle is written by the famous author Ursula K. Le Guin. She has always been one of the popular science fiction and fantasy and science writers of all time.

Coming from a well-known author, the Earthsea series happens to be a classic tale. The story revolves around the journey of Ged. In the story, we get to see how he grows into the greatest magician of his time. Ged must use his powers to save Earthsea from imminent decline.

19. Elemental Assassin 

Elemental Assassin is written by Jennifer Estep. The story is about Gin Blanco, who is assumed to be a professional assassin. But her skills not limited to only shooting and stabbing.

Gin is different than the rest as she has the power to control the elements of stone and ice. She can use them as weapons to kill whenever it’s needed. We get to learn that she is being betrayed by one of her associates, which fuels her anger and sets her down on the path of vengeance. Seeing her powers, others want to stay out of her way.

20. Empire 

The Empire trilogy is the creation of Raymond Feist and Janny Wurts. The story takes place in an amazing setting of medieval Europe and Asia. The story stars Mara of the Acoma, who is the newest ruler of her empire.

But people don’t seem to like her much. Many people want her dead so that they can get the throne. The story is the perfect blend of political drama and feminism. You should give this a read as it is the part of The Riftwar Universe, which includes more twenty-seven amazing books to read.

21. The folk of the Air 

Written by Holly Black, Folk of the Air is a must-read. In his fantasy series, we are introduced to Jude and her sisters, who have been living with the faeries for years. However, they are still not accepted in their world. This lead Jude to defy the cruel Prince Cardan. It is incredible to see how Jude succeeds and now has as much power as faerie royalty. But even then, she has a lot to learn. She needs to learn to use her powers the right way. 

22. Harry Potter


There is not a single person who hasn’t heard of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. This is a fantasy story that made our childhood exciting. There’s nothing new to talk about the series as we have all watched them on TV. Many of us have even read the books, all of them.

The characterization of the series is so extensive that you will start feeling to be a part of their world. We have seen some of the most excellent plot twists in the series.

23. Kane Chronicles 

Kane Chronicles, written by Rick Riordan. There are two main characters in the story, including Carter and Sadie Kane, who have been raised away from each other for all their lives.

As their father gets captured by Set, who is the Egyptian god of evil, the two siblings must join the team to understand their history. Only together they can save their family from the hands of evil.

Fantasy series are always very thrilling and exciting. Until you reach the end, you don’t know what’s going to happen. You always get the unexpected when it is a fantasy tale. Not to forget, there are always some twists and turns that make the story more interesting for you. As an avid reader, you must have read most of these books that are mentioned. If not, then you should start now. These are some of the greatest stories from the fantasy genre that you shouldn’t miss at all.

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