What to Expect from a Book Layout and Design Service

Deciding on book formats to produce


  • Some features not available in all ebook formats (epub most flexible). There are some limitations to design, tables need to be as a picture instead of text and more.
  • For more details on ebook formatting, see our article on Ebook Formats.


  • Offers most control over the final outcome.
  1. Running heads and alternating running heads
  2. Complex chapter titles
  3. Tables
  4. Footnotes and endnotes
  5. Picture captions
  6. Sidebars and tinted backgrounds
  • Color is available, but more expensive
  • Back cover and spine

Book body elements

  • Let design staff know of the different elements within your book (tables, footnotes, end notes, captions, sidebars, etc).
  • Symbols used. Be sure to let design staff know what symbols are included in the manuscript, how they are represented in the manuscript and how they should be displayed in the finished book—em dash, en dash, and special symbols (currency, language, math, science, etc).
  • Style guide. If you have a preference for style guide, let us know—for example, APA, MLA, Chicago Manual of Style, etc.
  • Translation and localization services are available.

Fonts and contrast

  • Your Book Designer will choose a limited number of typefaces (fonts) for use with the various elements of your book. If you have only chapter titles, sub-headings, and text, this will likely result in the selection of two font families—a heading style and a body text style.
  • Quite often, captions, footnotes and end matter will use the body text font. Chapter titles and sub-headings will use the heading style. These two normally complement each other and contrast each other to create a pleasing visual texture.
  • With epub and print formats, you have the option to use drop caps at the start of chapters or sections. Drop caps are decorative capital letters the height of two or three lines around which the text is wrapped for a clean, attractive lead to the body text.

Adding color

Color is yet another dimension of a book’s attractiveness. In an ebook, this adds virtually no extra cost, except in the design stage. In a print book, color adds significantly to the cost, depending on the number of colors added.

Approving the design

Once the layout design is finished, you get to select which layout you like best from the 2 Design samples. If you require changes, simply let us know.