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Why Should You Opt for Ebook Conversion?

ebook conversion

Before understanding the need for ebook conversion, have you ever analyzed the advantages of ebook over traditional ones? If not check this out…

  • It is an understatement that travel is best enjoyed with minimum luggage, isn’t it? If you are bookaholic and may intend to carry some books during travel, then you may have you choose a book not by its title but by its weight due to fear of luggage weight. But with ebook, you can carry your favorite library anywhere, anytime without increasing the weight of your luggage.
  • If you are a devotee of books, then a separate storage space in your home is mandatory to arrange them in order. But by opting for ebook, you can accommodate your bookshelf inside a mobile device or desktop, or both. This way you can easily sort out the books and pick the one you wanted without wasting time. Besides, online backup of books is possible through ebook. You can read a book even after several years since its introduction.
  • The cost expended on books is always higher than those spend on ebooks. Many a times, you can avail online free ebooks and enjoy the pleasure of reading without spending a penny.
  • Ebooks can be purchased without any physical strain or pressure. Whereas in the case of printed book, you have to search physically to spot the right book. Sometimes, you may not succeed in finding one.
  • You can increase or decrease the font size of ebook as desired and avoid the strain of eyes. On the other hand, this is not possible in the case of printed books.
  • Those who prefer to read books at night can very well opt for ebooks as the device is associated with in-built lights. It is definitely impossible to read printed copies without light.
  • You can make your learning interesting by purchasing interactive ebooks as they include audio and video, images and animations. These in turn enhance the information that the writer is willing to convey.
  • The reader can easily get access to additional information by clicking the links found on the ebook page as well as shift to related websites.
  • Most importantly, ebook facilities “Go green” by preventing the cutting of trees for paper making.
  • Finding a particular information in an ebook is much easier than finding it in printed copies as you have to search page by page until you find the appropriate line. Whereas, you can quickly reach the page that you look for in an ebook.

Since an ebook is associated with several advantages when compared to traditional book, many people tend to go with technology and make reading simple and enjoyable. Ebook has not only increased the number of readers but also reduced the burden of writers in conveying their information to the audiences.

It is true that many writers still remain unknown as they face numerous obstructions in publishing a book. Many times, their writing is subjected to rejection and get destroyed with papers and notebooks. However, ebook conversion has created a thunder storm in the domain of writing and publishing. If you are a writer, you can convert your writing into electronic format so that it can reach maximum number of readers through PCs, tablet, laptop, smartphones or other reading devices. Moreover, you can preserve your work throughout by backing up your data. When required you can just print the ebook and produce a printed version of the document too. In addition, an ebook can include more information and graphical representations which is not possible to display in printed copies.

Before deciding, here are some of the suggestions you need to follow as a writer to convert your manuscript into a perfect ebook…

  • Firstly, before finalizing the manuscript for ebook conversion, make sure you proof-read the document once or twice to correct grammar, spelling or syntax errors. Because any change done in the later stage would be chargeable.
  • After converting your manuscript into epub format, it is difficult to change any sort of typo errors which you have skipped in the proof-reading step.
  • You must follow consistency in paragraphing and formatting the document from start to end. Never use space bar for formatting single lines or paragraphs.
  • Information such as publisher’s name and address, publication date, copyright data, ISBN number, and any other collaborative credits must be provided in the first two pages of the manuscript.
  • Your document should be typed in a standard font, in specific, use Times New Roman or Courier New font.
  • It is good to follow a standard font size, that is, for body text (12 pt) and for chapter titles (12 pt).
  • Always list the contents of tables and sidebars as ordinary text because they do not get displayed clearly in ebook format.
  • Avoid page numbers leaving just the formatted Table of Contents. During ebook conversion, all footnotes, headers, footers, and indexes are subjected to deletion.
  • Before saving any image, you have to resize it outside the document and then reinsert it. Save image in “.jpg” format with minimum 72 dpi, and in RGB colour mode. Also, ensure that the image does not go beyond 4 million pixels.
  • It is better to avoid text wrapping around images. All images must be arranged in-line with the text.
  • Do not forget to mention the special symbols in a standard font. During conversion they may not be recognised if given in different fonts.

Being a writer, you must focus on all the flaws and advantages of ebook conversion before taking any sort of decision. Developing an electronic format of your document is not as easy as you image. It undergoes a set of guidelines and standards to acquire the desired result.

However, ebook conversion can be done at its best by the support of proper professional assistance. Nowadays, several ebook conversion services are available in the market. Seeking an expert’s help results in the success of your ebook. Hence, analyze the reviews and handover your work to the one who values your efforts. Remember, your ebook must reach every nook and corner of the world and must be read by maximum number of readers!

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