eBook Formatting FAQs -

eBook Formatting FAQs

Confused about the process of formatting your eBook? Discover the answers here.

Formatting is crucial in creating an eBook. The readability of your eBook depends on formatting. To know more about the reasons and the process of formatting your eBook, read our blog, format an eBook.

No, you don’t have to submit it for formatting your eBook. However, you need to get an ISBN soon, and provide us since it has to be added to the metadata of the eBook.

Amazon’s exclusive eBook format is MOBI, and it is always better to have your manuscript in this format when you submit for publication to Kindle Direct Publishing.

In terms of accessibility and popularity, there are three main formats: PDF, EPUB, and the Kindle MOBI formats. In terms of features, there are no clear winners since most of these formats have very similar functionalities.

eBooks don’t have page numbers. The view of the pages changes with the device it is read on, and the font size chosen by the reader. 

We start the formatting process, step by step, from the beginning to create your eBook. So, if we take the file done by another formatter, we consider it as a new job, and start from the beginning.

Yes, you can format an eBook using Word. But any published author will tell you how difficult it is to format an eBook. It takes a lot of time and effort, and the process can be stressful. It is best to hire a professional to get your eBook formatted.

Read more about how to Format an eBook in Word here.

eBook formatting is the design process to turn your manuscript of text and images into a beautiful layout for reading. This process helps create well-structured eBooks with easy-to-read text, and also ensures if its compatible with all e-readers.

It is similar to print book formatting but here the focus is on getting the content ready for digital space.

We can’t send you samples of other eBooks since they are all copyrighted. However, we can do a free sample of formatting for you. You can find screenshots of eBook formatting here.