Why book marketing is important for authors

important is marketing

Marketing is the key element to help promote anything. Marketing can get lots of exposure for your book and you as an author. Apart old school marketing like word of mouth, posters, etc social media plays a huge roll. From Face-book to Twitter your book can help reach readers on the side of the world.

The four basic marketing strategies for first-time authors and authors that find them efficient are

Book reviews

There is no such thing as having too many reviews. Book reviews are the ulti-mate word of mouth and getting many is an advantage for your book promo-tion. As a first time author you can host giveaways to book reviewers so they can write about your book. The more reviews, the more exposure. Having re-views on e-commerce sites will also increase the credibility of both author and the book.


Metadata is all the information related to a specific book including author bio, the genre and sub-genre of the book, description of the book and keywords that would aid in searching for the book. Metadata is critical to your books market-ing and sales efforts. It helps you tag the best keywords for your book when searched on google.

Email Marketing

Your number one marketing goal as a self-publishing author is to build and use your email list, and when done it becomes your best friend. Add a personal touch by promoting your book on a one – on one basis so it reaches everyone.

It is cost-efficient, effective and a timely way to relay relevant information or promotion to people.

Social Marketing

Social media marketing is now the most trending way to promote your book. Nowadays the majority are on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. All you have to do out here is just select the target audi-ence, and SHARE! Host community building events on social media to keep your audience and engaged.

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