Publish with Kindle Direct in India

Publish with Kindle Direct in India: Factors to Consider Before Publishing.

Are you an Indian writer who wants to get your manuscript published? Are you wondering which route to take to publish your book in India? Self-publishing is a good option for first-timers who wish to become authors.

Self-publishing is thriving in India, and many authors are choosing to get their books published through this process. We have seen authors like Ashwin Sanghi, Amish Tripathi with his first book, Immortals of Meluha, and Savi Sharma with her first novel, Everyone Has a Story achieve tremendous success with self-publishing their books. Independent publishing has made it easier for authors to get their books out into the reading world without depending on anyone. 

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing is a massive presence in India as far as independent publishing is concerned. It is a platform that allows authors to publish their work online with no up-front cost. So, let us look at how KDP works in India. Before we dive into the various steps involved in the process, it is essential to understand KDP requirements and conditions specific to India.

Introduction to KDP India

Amazon’s KDP is undeniably a huge platform that allows hundreds of authors to self-publish their books in India. It has been available for authors who publish in English from 2012 in India. It is also possible for authors to publish eBooks on five prominent Indian languages, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, and Gujarati. They launched the self-publishing of eBooks in Indian languages in the year 2016.

It usually allows authors to sell their books on Kindle and paperback formats. But it is important to note that KDP only enables the publishing of eBooks in India and not paperbacks. 

It is one of the prominent problems the authors face in India while self-publishing their books directly through Amazon. You only have the option to publish eBooks. If you need to publish paperbacks, you need to register in Amazon Seller Central. You need to register and open an account with your PAN card details and bank account information for payments. You can sell business books, textbooks, novels, and other language books here. You need to list your book here, and once a buyer places an order, you will need to ship the book to them. You can sell your books here like any other product on Amazon. 

The next way to sell your paperback through Amazon is to get in touch with a self-publishing company. Their in-house team will help you distribute your book and deliver it to your buyers. So, you can leave the heavy lifting to them and start working on your next book.

Steps to take to Publish in Amazon Kindle

There are vital steps you need to take from the beginning that help you self-publish a professional book and make it stand out among thousands of books published each year. 

The crucial steps you need to take to publish a book in KDP includes the following:

  1. Create a KDP account: Take time to create an account. Make sure you give all the details correct regarding the bank details and tax information. These details need to be double-checked since the information and payment regarding your book sales, and tax documents are sent to your address. 
  2. Give the Perfect Book Title: It is the most significant detail that helps readers choose whether to buy it. Choose a captivating title, and also help boost your book sales. 
  3. Choose the Right Keywords & Categories: It helps the readers find your book, so take enough time to select the perfect keywords and categories to help readers discover your book.
  4. Upload your Manuscript: It is the most critical step, so before you upload your manuscript, make sure it is formatted well. Check if it is formatted according to the guidelines mentioned.  You will also have to acknowledge that you own the rights to the manuscript you are offering. KDP is a platform, not a publisher. 
  5. Upload your Cover: Needless to say; the book cover is the first aspect noticed by a reader. Make sure you have a cover that is appealing and professional. 
  6. Choose if you want KDP Select or Not: Your next step is to decide whether to enroll in KDP Select. It is a program unique to Amazon that keeps your digital content exclusive. If you select KDP Select, you agree to sell the digital book only in the Kindle store on Amazon. You cannot sell your book anywhere else. 
  7. Choose your Markets: You can select the markets you want to sell the book. You can choose if you’re going to sell the book worldwide or to individual territories, depending on your book’s content. 
  8. Publish & Create an Author Page: You can publish the book and wait for 72 hours to appear for sale. After completing the process, create an author page on Amazon to track your sales and also reach more readers. 

These are the essential steps you need to take to Publish a Book with Amazon Kindle

Key Factors to Consider while Publishing a Book in KDP in India

We saw the steps involved in getting your book published in KDP. Beyond that, other factors need to be taken into consideration while publishing a book. It is not enough to get a book published, and you also need to think about the pricing and royalties you receive. 

As an author, it is your sole responsibility to get your book discovered by many readers and become a bestseller. You can read and know how to publish and sell a bestseller from our blog, A Guide to KDP. 

The key factors to keep in mind while publishing a book in KDP:

1. Manuscript File Size: 

Most of the authors don’t pay enough attention to this crucial factor. Amazon has listed file size requirements, and if the manuscript file you upload exceeds the minimum size, the pricing changes accordingly. 

When you opt for a 35% royalty option, when the file size is less than 3 MB, the book’s minimum price can be Rs. 49, if the file size is more than 3MB, it can be priced at Rs.69, and if it more than 10 MB, the book is priced at a minimum of Rs.99. 

The price invariably increases when you have a larger file size. If your manuscript is purely text-based, the size would be lesser, and if it a children’s book, textbooks, or any book relying heavily on images, the file size would be larger. Make sure you know the file size before uploading the file since it influences the pricing as well.

2. Book Sales & Royalty:

The royalty percentage of Amazon is 35% and 70% for many of the English-speaking territories. When an Indian author enrolls in the free program, KDP Select, the benefit is that there is an option for 70% royalties. Amazon allows this in special territories like Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and India. 

If you don’t enroll in KDP Select and want your book to be distributed in other platforms, then the royalty is only 35%. Read up on the royalty percentage in KDP.

Publishing a book in KDP requires effort and time like anything else. Though the steps of creating an account are all the same, Indian authors need to take into consideration the factors mentioned above. We hope the article would make the process of self-publishing a book with Amazon easier for Indian authors, and also help make informed choices. Good luck!s

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