Print Book Formatting Faqs -

Print Book Formatting FAQs

Clarify all your doubts about book design & create a professional book today.

Yes, you can use images in your book. Our Advanced Book Interior Design package is suitable for cookbooks, coffee-table books, art books, and academic books which uses a lot of images, graphs, and formulas.

Yes, ISBN is mandatory for each book as it helps to recognize the book. We will ensure that you get help in getting an ISBN number for your book.

We provide a variety of trim sizes for different genres of books including fiction and non-fiction. Fiction books come in 5 x8 size, non-fiction books come in ​6×9 & 8.5×11 sizes, other options are 8.5×8.5, 11×8.5 sizes.

Yes, we offer discounts in prices if you select eBook formatting services along with print book formatting.