Urban Fantasy Books to read.

20 Fascinating Urban Fantasy Books to Read.

best urban fantasy books

If you are a bibliophile, it is quite possible that you like to switch up the genre of books that you read from time to time. But, that being said, you must have a list of the best available fantasy books in your hand to read through. For those readers who like to be kept on the edge of the seat and not put the book down, having a list of the Blog Urban fantasy books can be the best escape for you without further questions. 

Urban fantasy is a concept that is gradually gaining momentum with time. If you have just started out reading books, we assure you that the list we have sorted out for you will leave you wanting for more. 

1. Shadowspell Academy: The Culling Trials

shadowspell academy

The very first and possibly one of the most popular on the list has to be Shadowspell Academy: The Culling Trials written by K.F. Breene and Shannon Mayer. It is the very first installation of The Culling Series and takes you through a ride that you never want to come down.

The introduction of the book is often a bit rushed, as some of the readers say, but it draws you soon enough. The other thing about this book that is a personal favourite is the kind of transition they have from one book to the other. The story is about a girl named Wild, who later discovers that she belongs to a magical family. The books have the perfect balance of wit, thrill, and of course, emotions that you didn’t think.

2. A Darker Shade of Magic

a Darker shade of Magic

Written by V.E Schwab, A Darker Shade of Magic is yet another magical ride that you can’t pass. The story revolves around Kell, who belongs to a part called Red London, where magic is still a thing.

Being one of the last few with the magical prowess, Kell has to travel through to go to White London, which is infiltrated with rough politics and the Grey London, which comprises no magic and a mad king named George. But, during the journey, Kell is robbed by a cut-purse. He then accompanies Kell on a trip of a lifetime to explore things around and embark on a journey like never before.

3. Moon Called

Moon called

Moon Called is another amazing urban fantasy written by Patricia Briggs that makes you not want to keep the book down. The story revolves around Mercy Thompson, who is a coyote shifter along with a VW mechanic. She is a compassionate but lonely soul to cares for others but has no one to do the same for her. She finds herself becoming part of a wolf pack who are targeted to help the defenseless in society.

The story has fantastic character development through it and is quite a fast-paced novel, so you are assured to not fall asleep midway through it. 

4. Borderland


The novel Borderland is what the majority of the people believe was the Kickstarter to the urban fantasy trend. Written by Terri Windling, this is an anthology book that highlights the incidents around in the city of Bordertown, which is a very chaotic and dystopian inspired city.

It separates the world of the humans from the mythical Elfland and takes you through a journey that you didn’t even realize would exist. The story is quite complicated and has layers that leave the reader questioning things. It provokes the mind and makes you assess stuff of the world surrounding. 

5. Keystone

Dannika Dark

Written by Dannika Dark, Keystone is another urban fantasy book that will leave behind goosebumps while you read it. The story highlights the character of Raven Black, who is known for hunting around the evildoers for fun. The actor believes in providing justice to people, and that’s why she hunts down people who do something wrong.

Following her reputation, she is offered a job in the Russian Shifter, where she has the liberty of having a respectable career. The only issue she faces is with her new partner, Christian Poe, who is a handsome vampire that she has come to loathe. 

6. Witchmark


Witchmark, written by C.L. Polk, is a popular urban fantasy book that has garnered along a lot of popularity with time. The story revolves around the character of Miles Singer, who has been magically marked ever since he was born, just like you see in Harry Potter.

Given that he has a subjected life of torture and pain ahead of him in the witches’ asylum, he comes up with a plan to fake his death to escape the tyranny. He reinvents himself as a doctor, but it’s not that easy to get rid of or hide a magic mark. The story then finds Miles having to keep his identity a secret while he is trying to decode the reason behind the murder of a patient under him.

7. Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures

If you are into vampires and the supernatural fantasies, Guilty Pleasures, written by Laurell K. Hamilton, is a must-read for you. The book talks about the character of Anita Blake, who is an official vampire hunter. She works alongside the police and the spiritual community to find her leads.

The entire story is filled with twists and turns and the perfect dose of murder mysteries and the vampire politics that you need. The book is quite fast-paced, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck reading something that makes you yawn. 

8. American Gods

American Gods

When it comes to the urban fantasy, Neil Gaiman is a genius, and his book American Gods is something that needs to be in your to-read the list without fail. The book follows through the adventures of an ex-con Shadow Moon who later finds himself as the bodyguard of a man named Mr. Wednesday. He then realizes that the person he is protecting is Odin, who is out in search of fellow Gods that will help with his process of recruitment for the American new Gods.

The story unravels secrets that bring complete twists that you didn’t even foresee. It is quite a fantastic read on a Sunday morning with a steaming cup of coffee on the side. 

9. The Fire Unseen

The fire Unseen

Another one of the must-reads when it comes to the Urban fantasy has to be The Fire Unseen, written by Andrew C. Jaxson. Unlike the other ones mentioned, this book brings forth dark elements that you didn’t even think about exist.

The subtle touch of supernatural and horror in the book leaves the readers, gripping their fingers onto something. The protagonist of the story is encompassed with a mystery that you get to unravel as you read through it more. It is not very fast-paced, but so well written that you wouldn’t feel monotonous through the middle. 

10. Bitten


Written by Kelley Armstrong, Bitten is all about the perfect balance of thrill, supernatural elements, and a touch of twists that will leave you wanting more. The story revolves around Elena Michaels, who is a werewolf. Being tired of spending her entire life in hiding and fighting off the rogue werewolves, Elena wants something more to her life, a new dimension. She is also tired of being the only female werewolf in the pack.

Later, Elena finds herself leaving everything behind and moving to Toronto to start again and new life as a human. While everything starts seeming normal and she finds love in a handsome and understanding man, her old pack comes barreling in to complete one last wolf mission in her life. 

11. Storm Front

Storm Front

Storm Front is a ride to keep it light. The story has been written by Jim Butcher and highlights the character of Harry Dresden, who is a private investigator and a wizard at the same time. The store is set around Butcher’s Chicago, where the supernatural is known but is not perceived well or believed, for that matter.

Dresden finds himself offering his existing skills to the clients, for both the private as well as the police clients who need their help with a situation in which they are stuck. The characters in the entire series are something that leaves your thoughts unwired as they start becoming more and more complex. 

12. City of Bones

City of Bones

Next on the list of the best urban fantasy books has to be City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. The story revolves around a teenager from New York, Clary Fray, who discovers her hidden identity of being a shadow hunter. They are the supernatural characters who are given the power to kill the demons.

Following the abduction of her mother, Jocelyn, Clary finds herself teaming up with some of the newfound accomplices to inspect who has kidnapped her mother and why. Along the way, everyone comes to learn of secrets that they didn’t know existed along with the knowledge that will come in handy to save the unthinkable and find the answers to their questions. 

13. Blood Warrior

Blood Warrior

When it comes to urban fantasy books, there is an ample number of the same available in the market. Blood Warrior, written by H.D. Gordon, is one such must-read books that you need to get right now. The story is an excellent mix of urban and adult fantasy, making it a perfect read for quite a vast range of audiences.

The story packs in drama, action, and a whole range of coming of age emotions that you didn’t even think of in the first place. The story has an added paranormal element to it, which will further intrigue your senses to carry on reading it also. The additional hint of the vampire and the werewolf community further adds the necessary thrills.

14. Dead Witch Walking

Dead Witch Wolking

The story of Dead Witch Walking is one that leaves everyone on the edge of their seats with the twists and turns it brings along. Written by Kim Harrison, you never have to worry about the level of thrill from the book. The story skirts around Racel Morgan, who is a witch that works for the police.

The story is based around in Cincinnati, in a specific area named The Hollows. Rachel expertise in some exceptional cases and clients that she takes on along the story. The series walks you through the magical dominance that the character gains along the way. Even the secondary characters grow alongside and make the story even more enjoyable. 

15. Kitty and the Midnight Hour

Kitty and the midnight hour

Written by Carrie Vaugh, Kitty and the Midnight Hour is yet another werewolf included urban fantasy novels that you need to read today. The protagonist of the story, Kitty, is a radio host in a popular late-night show in Denver and explores the supernatural elements around.

With the progress of the story, it is showcased that it becomes harder for Kitty to conceal her identity from the audience. With the threat upon her character, Kitty reels herself back from the radio show, but her dedicated fanbase finds ways to bring her back because what if she is the only way of saving for them?

16. Midnight Sky

Midnight sky

Part of the Sky Brooks Series, written by McKenzie Hunter, Midnight Sky, is a fantastic urban fantasy book that you need to read without further thoughts. The protagonist of the story is a simple girl who starts off her journey from nothing, something that many of the readers will relate well.

The book isn’t that serious or thrills inducing, but has quick turns of wit and changes that you will enjoy along the ride. The interaction between the characters is yet another factor about this book that brings forth better impacts all the more.

17. The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 1: The Faust Act

The wicked + The Divine

As lengthy as the title of the book is, The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 1: The Faust Act is just as impressive. It has been written by Kieron Gillen and focuses on fantasy elements that you didn’t know existed. The story is about how every 90 years, 12 gods come to Earth to live as humans. They are loves and interacted with, and after the completion of 2 years, they die.

The story is quite bizarre but in the best way possible, one that leaves you hooked till the end without any confusion at all. The pop stars are the literal gods showcased in this, and the worst part is that the mortals have to take in the limited time with whom that they come to Earth.

18. Getting Wilde

Wild Card

Written by Jenn Stark, Getting Wilde is yet another popular urban fantasy books that you can read through in your pass time. The story revolves around Sara Wilde, who goes to the world’s end to protect her people from threats and dangers.

She is a character that will do anything and everything, from being Professor X to using tarot card reading as a mode of earning money. The story isn’t as simple as it sounds but has multiple layers to it that you need to read through to understand better. 

19. Fire & Heist

Fire & Heist

Next on the list of the best urban fantasy books is Fire & Heist, written by Sarah Beth Durst. The story’s protagonist, Sky Hawkins, has always known her destiny, which instructs her to take off the heist. She is eagerly waiting for her own chance to get the golden crown for herself.

She is also a wyvern who are humans possessing the capability to turn into dragons. Along with the progress of the book, Sky discovers secrets that she didn’t know existed in the first place. She starts questioning her familiar roots from where new things come into the spotlight. 

20. Live Fae or Die Trying

Live Fae or Die Trying

Live Fae or Die Trying is yet another popular urban fantasy book which has been written by Jenna Wolfhart. It is the first installation in the Paranormal PI series and walks you through the magical city of London.

The pivotal character in the story, Fae, who has a dominant personality in the story. The entire story is filled with unique magical systems and very unusual and unexpected twists that leave the readers hooked throughout it all. The love interest in the story is also a challenging twist in it, which imposes better changes while you are reading through it. 

If you are planning on starting to read an urban fantasy novel, these are some of the best picks that you will come across. It is best suggested that you read through the synopsis of all of them to see which one piques your interest the most. Every single one of them has some form or the other of twists that will make you question everything. Some of them come with complex elements that can be a bit hard to decipher at times, as well. But, every single one of them is worth the read, and if you are in the mood to explore some supernatural elements, these books can offer a vast range of things to read through.

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