Upsell your Book Funnel Leads- 4 Simple Ways

4 Ways to Upsell Your Book Funnel Leads

Alright, you’ve done all the work. Created your book funnel, made the relevant content to drive traffic to it, convinced people of your value, and now people have finally started showing up to your checkout page to get your book.

But as we all know, this is just the start of your buyer’s journey with you. The real goal is to upsell them on your actual products and service and keep nurturing them until they become valuable customers. 

So let’s jump into all the ways you can create opportunities to upsell:

Checkout Stage for your Book

The very first opportunity for you to upsell someone is when they’re at the checkout stage for your book. It is an excellent opportunity because it clearly shows interest in your book; hence, they might find additional value in getting more of what you have to offer. A great way to incentivize the person is by giving them a good discount on your actual product/service by telling them that it is an exclusive one-time offer for people who have decided to get the book. 

Be sure to be ethical about this, as if anytime in the future they see you give this discount again on some other occasion, you will lose all the trust you had gained.

Bonuses within your Book

While you’re creating your book in written or audio format, remember to include bonuses within the content that lead to your website page or a product page. You want to do this in a very natural and authentic manner. Do not repeat this trick too often within the book, as it will appear too salesy and might drive someone away from you.

Example: Let’s say your book was about fitness exercises, and one of the exercises included a particular tool like a dumble. You could mention somewhere on the page of that exercise that if they didn’t have one, then they could purchase one online from you along with the correct link.

Another upsell in this book could be telling the audience that exercise is essential, but they must also maintain a regular healthy diet. And if they happen to have doubts and problems crafting one for themselves, they can check out the link to a personalized diet plan you kept in the book.

Email Marketing

One good practice you should do is to have people opt-in for your emails when they decide to get your book. It opens up a channel of direct communication for you. Email marketing, when done right, can lead to great response rates and prove to be the highest ROI-centric way of upselling. In addition, having a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter is a great way to inform people about your current products and services. 

Remember to have clear call-to-actions within your emails about what exactly you want your audience to do and how it’ll help them.

Host a Webinar

A webinar is an online seminar. You can conduct one around a specific topic to help people. It gives you a chance to interact with your leads one-on-one and gauge what they require. If the vibe matches, you can promote specific products/services of yours to them during the webinar. Talking directly will help you connect with your leads more naturally, clearly showing more and better conversions.

Tips to Improve Your Upsell

Now that you know the many mediums through which you can upsell your product or service, it’s time to brush up on a few good practices while upselling to get a better conversion rate. Here are some tactics to keep in mind:

1. Relevancy

Ensure that ‘what’ you are upselling is related to your previously taken customer journeys. For example, your business might have a vast range of products or services that might not always be relevant to the person buying your book. Understand the psyche of your lead and upsell accordingly.

2. Do not Interrupt with an Upsell.

In your lead’s journey, each touchpoint is a crucial opportunity for you to upsell. But make sure that you are not too pushy. Avoid using pop-up upsells as these interrupt the viewer’s comfort and make them uncomfortable. Instead, place your upsell below your primary product, as only those interested will check it out. Let the viewer control their own pace. This way, they are much more comfortable and likely to explore your offer.

3. Use the Right Copy

At the heart of all good marketing is copy. Copy that intrigues a person makes them curious and want to know. Good communication will be that extra push that’ll help leads convert on your sales. 

4. Psychology tricks

Use psychological tricks like ‘fear of missing out with exclusive one-time upsells. And ethically convey this. This trick creates a sense of urgency, making the buyer take a decision sooner rather than later.

5. Social Proof

Showcase social proof of your upsell to build more trust. You can also incorporate it in your copy. For example, if you’re an author selling a ‘Fitness Guide’ book and your upsell is a ‘Personalized Diet Plan.’ You provide it to many customers, then you can use this copy – ‘Join 100’s of other individuals who are motivated just like you to change for the better with a personalized diet plan.’

6. Upsell After Purchase

Upselling after someone purchases your main product can also be a good tactic. Since you know that they have committed once already, now they are more likely to convert again. You also avoid the risk of the customer getting irritated with a pushy upsell that they don’t want and end up not buying your book at all.