What Is An Ebook? And Its Basics One Must Know

ebook basics one must know

The type of format doesn’t matter as long as the manuscript is good. There are many people out there who prefer downloading ebooks to reading a print book. This article is for those who are not aware of what an an e-book is or are disinterested in creating one.

What Is An ebook?

An e-book is considered to be the print book’s electronic counterpart that is reflowable and non-editable. E-books are converted into a digital format to get identified on digital devices such as mobile, computers, tabs, etc. Why wait to receive a book via post when you can download it instantly on the internet for free or marginal cost within seconds.

Once you have downloaded the e-book, you can have immediate access to it and proceed reading, taking notes, bookmarking pages, highlighting pages and much more just like traditional paper books.

Why Are E-books Better Than Printed Books?

Several features make ebooks better compared to printed books, here are few:

— You can download ebooks instantly into your device from any digital bookstore, libraries and more.

— They are more portable than printed books.

— An ebook has built in dictionaries which makes it easier for you.

— ebooks take less space compared to carrying so many physical books.

— You can customise the font and size style on an ebook as per your comfort. You cannot change the font in a printed book.

— With eBooks, accessing to Indie Titles are made easy, but this is not possible with a printed book.

— EReaders are eco-friendly when compared with published papers.

— You can read an eBook in the dark.

— eBooks are more cost-effective than the printed book.

E-book Formats:

There are different types of ebook formats used in various platforms and devices. Here are few of them that are commonly used:


Electronic Publication or ePub is an open format developed by the International Digital Publishing Forums. It is designed by the open eBook (Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Kobo, iBooks) Forum. EPub was developed with the intention to be used as both end-user format and source file format depending on XML and XHTML.

Few software examples that uses EPUB format are Adobe Digital Editions, EPUBReader Firefox add-on, and Quick Reader. You can open an ePub file on any popular devices like iPod Touch, iPhone, Kobo Reader, Sony Readers and more.


MOBI was initially developed as a PalmDOC extension format. It is used by the MobiPocketReader. Mobipocket’s MOBI formats run only on certain types of PDA, smartphones and Windows PCs. You can open this file using the MobiPocket’s reading software.

There are few limitations while using the MOBI format. For example, the image size cannot be scaled using font size, and tables get displayed distinctly on various readers specifically in the case of tables covering more than one screen or when nested table support is absent.

Other third-party readers like FBReader, Stanza, STDU Viewer, Kindle for Mac and PC can be preferred for opening any MOBI files.

Where Can You Sell Your E-books

Millions of sites provide E-books online, but you can buy or download them easily from Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Google Play and iBooks and more.

Is E-book Similar To A Printed Book?

The content in e-books are the same as the printed version. Only the structure is slightly different. With e-Books, anyone can change formats like line spacing, font styles, and other customisations as per their convenience. So it’s necessary for an e-Book content to be more accessible as well as flexible. Don’t worry, we at Pen2Publishing have a kickass conversion specialist team who handles everything for you to provide the best e-Book matching your expectations.

E-Books: The Advantages

E-books can never go out of print. All you need Wi-Fi to download. Once you have downloaded your e-book, you can transfer it or use it from devices such as computers, mobiles or upload it on the cloud.

You can download them on an SD card or a USB stick to keep them safe, and won’t have any issues on storage.

E-books are a smarter choice when it comes to formats. You can watch videos, listen to lectures, speeches and do other things efficiently concerning media type.

Synchronising e-books and audiobooks are done easily.

Videos and aids like charts or graphs for visual learners are considered to be valuable and play as an advantage of e-books.

Through e-books, you can search for a phrase or word inside the book easily. This is not possible in hardcover books or traditional paperbacks.

How Do You Get Started With Pen2Publishing?

Send us your PDF file or a Word Document, and we can help you convert your standard documents into a compatible ebook format (Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Kobo, I Books) within a short time frame (approximately within ten business days).

Basic E-book Essentials You Need To Know

People who have more than ten years of experience with e-books can always learn more and in-depth. At Pen2Publishing, our Ebook formatting and conversion specialists undergo hundreds of questions every day about e-Books and provide a clear and deserving answer. Here is a checklist you can check out.

E-Book Checklists:

Are you ready to publish a digital book of your own? We are here to help, and the following e-Book checklist will help you take the right steps from your computer to the marketplace.

Standard Or Fixed Layouts?

You must know if you need a fixed or standard layout format for your eBooks. Pen2Publishing, has an eBook conversion team that converts manuscripts from Pages, Word Doc or any other form to the type of format that works on e-Books.

Payment, Product, and Profits

Pen2Publishing aids authors who are ready to publish ebook to unlock the entire potential of Print on Demand. This is easier as we have books stocked 24/7 which helps to pay faster when compared to other smarter and bigger online retailers.

Do you need to write an e-Book or have you written one before? Do not hesitate to contact Pen2Publishing if you need any assistance in editing, conversion or distribution

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