List of 20 best Young Adult Romance novels.

The 20 Young Adult Romance Novels that Redefine Love

Young adult romance books

When it comes to romance novels, people do have several authors pop up in their minds. While the lists of authors are endless, there are selected books in the section of the Young Adult Romance Booklist. These books do leave behind a lasting impression on your mind. Whatever the situation be, or whichever author you like, there will always be that one romance novel that you will find gravitating. Come what the case be, you must focus on certain exciting factors that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Young romance novels can be nerve-wracking, angsty, and for the most part, tragic as well. Many authors have time and time said that people dig the thrill of sad and tragic endings even though they won’t admit it. But, we wanted a variety for you to read through. It is the reason why we have sorted through some of the best ones to present to you.

My So-Called Bollywood Life

My so called bollywood life

Written by Nisha Sharma, My So-Called Bollywood Life revolves around the character of Winnie Mehta, who never really believed that Raj was the one for whom she was destined.

In the story, Winnie meets a Pandit who predicts that she will meet her soulmate on her 18th birthday and lo and behold, she meets Raj who lives up to all the expectations. But, when she returns from her summer film camp, she is shocked to find her boyfriend of three years cheating on her with Jenny Dickens. She unravels certain things along the way and meets Dev, who is a fellow geek. But, the Bollywood freak, Winnie, isn’t sure whether falling for Dev is the right thing after all. 

All the Little Lights

All the little lights

Written by Jamie McGuire, All the Little Lights is yet another fantastic YA romance novel that you will not feel like putting down once you start reading it. The story revolves around the characters of Catherine and Elliot, who met each other when they were just 15 years old. They connect almost immediately and become the best of friends.

Only when things start to look up, Elliot has to leave the town. But, when he does come back, he is the star quarterback of the soccer team, and Catherine has her secrets that she is hiding away. The story is the perfect blend of romance and thrill that you wouldn’t even expect once you finish reading it.

Save the Date

Save the date

Written by Morgan Matson, Save the Date is a perfect company for your gloomy Sunday mornings. The book takes you on a ride, making you smile, laugh, emotionally cry, and ensure that you are invested in the book right from the get-go. The story is about Charlie Grant, whose older sister is getting married, thus calling for all the families and relatives to come together and celebrate her big day.

While Charlie does have vague hopes from this last weekend in the house before they sell it off, things have been happening the complete opposite. The weekend which was supposed to be perfect was shaping up as a total disaster. Along the ride, Charlie comes to learn more about her family and things about that she didn’t have any idea.

Just Listen

Sarah Dessen

Written by Sarah Dessen, Just Listen is yet another must-read when it comes to the YA romance novels. The story highlights the character of Annabel, who loses all her friends. The same happens just before her senior year, leaving her completely alone, with no friends to whom she could reach out. But then she finally meets someone new that comes in town, who is willing to give her the chance to explain her side of things that went down. 



Written by Christina Lauren, Autoboyography is a masterpiece that takes you along a bumpy ride. The story focuses on Tanner Scott and his family, who relocated from California to Utah. The move led the teen who is bisexual to go back into the closet.

He then finds his best friend, Autumn, coming around and suggesting that he visit and explore the Provo High’s prestigious Seminar, which Tanner decides to attend to only show his best friend what a complete waste of time it is. But, then at the Seminar, he notices Sebastian Brother and within just four months, ends up falling in love with him. 

A Million Junes

A million Junes

Written by Emily Henry, A Million Junes is a story about the ongoing feud between O’Donnells and the Angerts. The story has been going on for what feels like centuries. The story focuses mainly on the character of Jack “June” O’Donnell, who grows up with an inbuilt hatred for the Angerts. But, fate does have something else in mind, and when she meets Saul Angert, she could feel the flaming chemistry between them with the flying sparks.

How everything pans out between them is what the story is all about. If you have meant to read something cliché but also out of the box, this is your bet.

Invisible Ghosts

Invisible Ghosts

Written by Robyn Schneider, the story is everything about falling love. The book is ingrained with all the elements of love that you have been looking around. The story is about the character of Rose Asher, who believes in ghosts. She needs to because she has Logan, who is stuck at the age of 15. Things start to get complicated when an old friend of hers moves back into Laguna Canyon, and items become worse than what she expected.

Jamie Aldrige is one of the most charming men that Rose has witnessed. While things start to get the distance between the two, they find their paths crossing, each of them having secrets that completely change things. 

They Both Die at the End

They both die at the end

Written by Adam Silvera, this is a story that might seem tragic right from the title. The story highlights the characters of Rufus and Mateo, who find that it is their last day on Earth. They find their fate bringing them together in New York City, where both of them rejoice around before they finally have to say goodbye to each other because of what fate has in store for them. With so many twists and turns, it is not much of a complex story as many think it is. 

The Summer Of Jordi Perez (And The Best Burger In Los Angeles)

The summer of jordi

Written by Amy Spalding, The Summer Of Jordi Perez (And The Best Burger In Los Angeles) is a story about Abby Ives, who is seventeen years old, vibrant, fashion-obsessed, and gay. While her friends and family have taken on to find love through dating, she is stuck with her matter. She runs a plus size fashion blog, to which she dedicates all her time to.

She lands a job as an intern in a local boutique and is all set to take that first step towards her dream. But, things start getting complicated when she finds herself falling in love with her fellow intern, Jodi Perez. But, she also finds that nothing is going on as she expected that summer to be. The story takes you along a journey of how Abby rediscovers things and find around in situations she never expected.

Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour

epic detour

Written by Morgan Matson, Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour is yet another marvelous YA romance novel that focuses on Amy Curry, who needs an escape. With her dad’s death, Amy finds her mom relocating them both from California to Connecticut. So, she plans up her adventure where she takes on a beat-up car and plans for a road trip of her lifetime.

She has Roger, her mom’s friend’s son, to accompany her along her journey, and that makes up for the perfect little adventure that she could embark on in her life. The story is all about love, laughs, and everything in between.

The Bird and the Blade

the bird and the blade

Written by Megan Bannen, The Bird, and the Blade is yet another fantastic story that is set to leave you awestruck to the core. The story includes everything that you need, from the spice of forbidden love to a kingdom and fights in between. The story is about Jinghua, who is a slave of Kipchak Khanate and has lost everything that was in her possession.

With the turn of events that she didn’t even think of, she finds herself as a conspirator. She is in Prince Khalaf and his father. Through the fleeing adventure, there are some fantastic hurdles and twists and turns that nobody even thought was possible of happening.

The Kissing Booth

the kissing booth

Written by Beth Reekles, The Kissing Booth is a fantastic up and coming romance novel that gives you all the cliché but makes you smile in contentment too. The story is about Elle, who has some set rules with her best friend to make things work for both of them.

One of the standard rules that they have is that they can’t date each other’s relatives. But, things take a complete turn for the worse when she starts developing a massive crush on Lee’s brother. Thoughts and her feelings start becoming evident when she finally gets to run her school’s kissing booth. 

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

to all the boys i've loved before

Written by Jenny Han, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is a Netflix rave. If you have watched the show on Netflix and liked it, we would suggest that you do opt to look at the book as well. The story highlights the character of Lara Jean Song, who keeps all her love letters in a letterbox that she got from her mother.

She has loved five boys in total and has love letters written by herself. She writes everything that she wants to tell these boys, every minute detail that she has kept reserved for herself only. But, things go downhill when one day, the letters are mailed out, and she finds herself in the middle of a situation that she didn’t even take any part.

Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the french kiss

Written by Stephanie Perkins, Anna, and the French Kiss is a contemporary YA romance novel that has created a rave among the readers. The story highlights the character of Anna, who is a soon to be senior residing in Atlanta. But, things get worse when her father ships her away to a boarding school in France that she didn’t want to go.

She finds her competing with the French baguettes and Étienne St. Clair, who Anna finds herself crushing on. It is everything that you think of when you think of the most romantic city in the world. 

The Way You Make Me Feel

The way you make me feel

Written by Maurene Goo, The Way You Make Me Feel is a famous romance novel that needs to be in your list of must-reads. The story highlights the character of Clara Shin, who lives for the consistent pranks that she cracks. But, things get out of hand when one of her jokes get out of hand.

Tired of the constant struggle, Clara’s father sends her away to work on the food truck for the summer along with her classmate Rose Carver. She meets a boy named Hamlet during that time who has a massive crush on her, but will Clara introduce her new self to the world or the previous one who lives for constant pranking?

The Music of What Happens

the music of what happens

Written by Bill Konigsberg, The Music of What Happens is yet another one of the fantastic YA romance novels. It will take you through a journey with the characters of Max and Jordan, who are opposite of each other but find themselves falling in love with each other while working at Coq Au Vinny, which a retro-themed food truck.

They meet and fall in love over the summer. But, with the fun ride, there comes a time of the dread. They have to face some of the biggest challenges in life when they got together.

The Sun Is Also A Star

The sun is also a star

Written by Nicola Yoon, The Sun Is Also A Star talks about the character of Natasha, who is a girl that believes in science and facts. She isn’t one for fate and destiny and believes that nothing like that exists in the first place. On the other hand, there is Daniel, who has been everything that you define as perfection. He has always been the good son, good student, and has a crush on Natasha and believes that fate has something in store for both of them. The Universe seems to have something planned out for them, which is what you will find out once you read the story.

Ask the Passengers

Ask the passengers

Written by A.S King, Ask the Passengers is about the character of Astrid Jones, who witnesses when a plane passes above in the sky. She watches through at the sky when the airplanes pass along and watch because she knows that the passenger on the plane won’t judge her. She believes that they won’t judge her for her desire to fall in love with a girl. The story is a coming of age story with twists and turns along the way. 

Opposite of Always

opposite of always

Written by Justin A. Reynold, Opposite of Always is something mind-boggling but filled with love and romance at the same time. The story is about Jack and Kate. Kate dies from sickle cell disease, and Jack finds himself going back to the spot that they first met in time and time again. What if Jack gets a chance to save his partner from dying? Will Jack find something that helps him turn back time and find Kate again, or will he have to walk through the same relationship knowing the fate that has been destined for them?

Just One Day

Just one day

Written by Gale Forman, Just One Day is everything that your heart desires but can’t grasp. The story is about Allyson ‘LuLu’ Healey, who is a sheltered American good girl. She meets Willem De Ruiter, who is a Dutch actor at an underground performance of the Twelfth Night. The spark they feel vanishes out of Allyson’s life when she finds the next morning that Willem has left. She learns from her experiences and trains her mind in the year that follows.

Young adult romance novels are abundant if you come to think of it. But, if you want something that stands out and leaves you with moist eyes and goosebumps, these are some of the best picks. Make sure that you follow through the summaries mentioned and pick up some books along the way. If you want an experience to fill in your leisure time, these books are the perfect company that you need to keep you fulfilled and happy through the days and nights.

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