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How to Create a Professional Author Page on Amazon Central

How to Create a Professional Author Page on Amazon Central

Amazon Author Central is an incredible platform if you are taking the self-publishing route to get your book out in the reading world. When you look at the basics of the Amazon algorithm, having an optimized author page helps you increase the book’s visibility and readership.

In this article, we will walk you through the vital steps to set up the page and use it to effectively promote your book.

In this article, we will walk you through the vital steps to set up the page and use it to effectively promote your book. 

What is Amazon Author Central?

Many authors choose to self-publish their book through  KDP, but they overlook the significance of creating an author central page. 

How to Create a Professional Author Page on Amazon Central

Amazon Author Central is a profile that allows readers to learn more information about the author and the books they have published. A reader can browse information about the author including their biography, photos, videos, blog posts, and more. It is the ideal page where the author can build their brand. 

The Reasons for having the Page

  1. It is an effective platform for readers to know more about the author, their life, and their books. 
  2. It is a page where you can track your book sales. On Author Central, you can track the ranking of each book you’ve published by the format. It gives you information about how your book is performing compared to other books on Amazon. 
  3. It is a profile that can be used to increase the book’s visibility and increase readership.

How to Create an Amazon Author Central Account

Firstly, once you have published your book on Amazon, you ought to create an account and keep updating it to increase readership. Here are the steps you need to follow to set up an author central page:

1. Create an Account

To start the account, go to Amazon Author Central and click ‘Join Now.’ If you have published your book through KDP, sign in with your same Amazon account. Agree to all the terms and conditions if you want to use Author Central.  

2. Enter the Author’s Name & Books

You need to enter the author’s name you have used to publish your book. You can enter the name of books you have written under and Amazon would generate a list of books. You can select any one book to create an account.

3. Look for the Verification Mail

Amazon will send you a confirmation mail to finish creating the account. If your book has been traditionally published, then Amazon will contact the publishers as an additional measure to verify the author’s identity. It might take 3-7 days for the process to be complete. 

How to Optimize Amazon Author Central Page

The significant aspect of creating Author Central is to always keep updating the Author Central Page. Here are the steps you need to take to optimize your Amazon Author Central page:

1. Write a Compelling Author Bio

You need to give your potential readers interesting information about you. Take time to write a concise and compelling author bio that connects with your Amazon browsers and also to draw attention from new readers. 

Make sure your author bio is at least 100 characters, and also let it have an opening byline that hooks the reader. Remember to add a description of the theme titles, and make them stand out among the rest.

2. Add Photo(s) to your Author Bio

If you check the author’s bio on Amazon, you would notice that many authors have one professional headshot added to the page, whereas, there are authors who include a mixture of personal and professional photographs.

If you are adding multiple photos, make sure you select ‘Manage’ and drag the photos in your preferred order.

3. Add your Blog Feed

The option allows you to show teasers of your latest blogs by adding your blog to your page on Author Central. It is a great way to connect to your readers and show them more about your writing. 

4. Claim your Books

When you publish a new book, you need to go to Author Central and claim the book as yours. It ensures your title shows up on the page and leads to discoverability by potential readers. 

5. Add Editorial Reviews

Book reviews are significant for selling more books. Creating an editorial review on the Author page is the best way to attract more readers. Amazon allows authors to add testimonials, reviews, or comments about you or the books.

If you don’t have any reviews from influencers or top reviewers, the fans of your work can add good reviews for your book. 

As self-published authors getting their book out on Amazon, you need to use many tools to your advantage, and the Amazon author page is one such. If you don’t already have an author page, stop waiting and wondering! Go ahead and create one right now!