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Do you have a story to tell but not sure how to publish? Look no further!

Let our professionals help you get started on your publishing journey. You can focus on writing and leave the rest to us!

Writing a book is the most powerful way to bring your ideas and ideals to life.

You will have complete control over everything from editing your manuscript to getting the first copy of your book.

We have multiple publishing plans to choose from, which can be further customized to suit all genres of fiction and non-fiction. So don’t wait for the right time or the right person. 

Your time is now, and your words are valued.

Author benefits

Self-publish your eBooks and paperback books with Pen2Publishing and watch your vision impact millions of readers worldwide.

Together, we’ll publish the next bestseller!

100% control over your royalties and publishing rights.

One-on-one author support.

Get published fast.

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About Pen2publishing

For over a decade, Pen2publishing has helped thousands of authors publish, print, market, and distribute their books.

Our in-house publishing team has worked with and aided renowned publishers like Amazon, Nickelodeon, and Oxford Press. These capable and skilled professionals aim to make sure that your self-publishing journey is one that you will relish.

We eagerly look forward to the day you hold the first copy of your book. So let’s get started!

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