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Book Marketing Services

You want the highest form of book marketing services for your book/eBook. You want to be famous on every platform, be the next Sidney Sheldon. The only problem? You’re not that tech-savvy and haven’t even heard of half the social media websites people talk about nowadays.

Marketing is the ONLY thing that can help your book sell. How, where, when? All these details must be paid attention to if you want your book to sell well. Our team of marketing experts will take care of your book’s marketing right from offline marketing to online and, of course, the old-fashioned way of it as well!

Online Press Release $99

The first tactic that comes to one’s mind to promote a book is an Online Press Release. Want to convey or promote something? Issue an Online Press Release. Many prefer reading news online, and thanks to our Online Press Release service, we will create and share one for your book to top online media outlets. It will reach the majority of the people.

This also brings significant SEO benefits.

Google Ads Campaigns

Do you see ads here and there on various blogs/websites and wondered how they randomly appeared there? Those are called Google ads. It is the most desired and popular marketing campaign right now, and your book can be part of it too! We will create and manage Ad campaigns for you. This is a must-try marketing strategy for every author out there. We will do this by identifying the target audience using specific keywords and categories relevant to your book and creating text and banner ad designs. If you’re worried about not knowing how it’s going, our team will provide reports regularly.

Facebook Ad Campaigns $99

Facebook is that one social media platform that is everlasting. Millions use it every day for various purposes. It will help gain lots of visibility for you and your book as it was the first social network to exceed 1 billion registered accounts with over 2.27 billion monthly active users. We will run promotions on Facebook starting from creating a page for you, setting it up entirely, including adding keywords, long descriptions, etc., and promoting the page and posts.

Facebook Ad Campaigns
Book Video Trailer

Book Video Trailer

A video trailer will be made for your book by us. Your book’s trailer will build anticipation amongst your readers like a movie trailer and can be sent by you through WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

Basic $99

The Basic video trailer gives your readers the first look of your book. It’s uploaded on YouTube and is usually 30 – 60 seconds long. This helps attract attention from potential readers.

Director’s Cut $299

Our marketing experts will listen to your story or read the synopsis and create a storyboard with a director’s cut video. Narration and voice-over can be added if necessary. This is later uploaded on YouTube and is 60 seconds long.

Author Website

Basic $149

An Author Website is a must for any author now. This will help get more exposure for the book and you! The Author/ Book Website will consist of:

  • Homepage – front cover of your book and link to buy it.
  • About the author – description of you on a personal scale, your contact details.

The website will be shown when the Ad on Facebook is clicked. This will help reel in potential readers and let them keep track of you.

Author Website


A customised book website gives you a signature style. This will make you stand out and will help your readers identify with you.

Its main purpose is to help you stay in touch with your readers via blogging, social media integration, etc. The features under this include:

  • Homepage – front cover of your book and link to buy it.
  • About the author – description of you on a personal scale, your contact details.
  • Books – books you wrote and where to buy them
  • Blog – posts that get you to interact with the audience.

You can get in touch with your project manager to have a quote for the same.

Amazon Book Promotion Services

Amazon Pre-Order

Your book will be available for pre-order on Amazon. It will give exposure to your book before it is official launch. The campaign is created only once the book’s interior is done and the cover is finalized.

Amazon Kindle Promotions

Your eBook will be available for free for a certain period. This gives the readers a chance to read your book and buy it if they want to.

Amazon Sponsored Ads

Amazon is the number one e-commerce site for selling books. Once your book’s ads are placed on Amazon, it will boost the visibility of your book.

Amazon Metadata Optimization

Amazon’s metadata helps the reader to discover your book. Get the metadata optimized, make your book discoverable, and boost your book sales.

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