Get an Optimized Amazon Book Metadata

Amazon Metadata

Book Metadata Optimization

Does the low-quality Meta Description hinder your book sales? 

Get an Optimized Book Meta Description & Boost your Book Sales.

Readers are browsing and finding their books online these days. If you want your book to be discovered by the reader, then the meta description helps you achieve that result. 

Amazon Metadata

What is Amazon’ Metadata?

Metadata is the information that describes the book and the information provided makes it discoverable when an Amazon user starts searching for their next read. 

It is important pieces of metadata information are:

  • The Book Title & Subtitle
  • The Author’s Name
  • ISBN
  • Publisher Details
  • Publication Date
  • Book Description
  • Author Bio & Photo
  • Book Genre
  • Keywords & Categories
  • Price

The right metadata allows readers to categorize and find your book. The more optimized the metadata, the easier it is to discover the book. 

Optimized Metadata on your Amazon Page is the Secret Star of Book Sales. A perfectly crafted metadata can give you:

  • Increase Traffic to your Page
  • Higher Book Rankings
  • Boost Book Sales

Amazon Metadata Optimization Covers:

Optimize the Data

We will research, help you find the right genre & subgenre for your book. It will provide better opportunities for your book to be discovered.

Choose the Right Keyword & Category

Lets us choose the right phrases and keywords that Amazon users are likely to search with. It will give you better search engine results.

Get Grammar & Spell Check

Wrong spellings and punctuations make it impossible for readers to find your book when they search. Get it checked and get rid of all errors.

Get an Optimized Amazon Metadata that will Boost your Book Sales.

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