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About Us

Pen2publishing is the sister company to Equire Technologies that has been serving many publishers for more than a decade now. As we are are not a venture capital-funded company, we don’t spend a bomb, unlike other companies, to advertise. Based in India, we have a team of in-house professionals, so we don’t need to outsource. Thanks to all this, all authors benefit from affordable publishing plans/services. Our team consists of 65% of women.

After watching the publishing industry grow, we know the hardships faced by writers like you who want to self-publish, but don’t know how to.

We are here to help writers fulfil their dream to create and publish their book and become an authorpreneur. We work with limited authors per month.

Writing a book might have been a bit tough, so make it easy by letting us help you self-publish it! Always remember to take action, don’t drift away.

Majority of writers nowadays choose self-publishing to other types of publishing. Starting from editing your manuscript, finding the right cover and interior design, to ensuring the best PR and marketing, it can get too much for you to handle all by yourself.

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We’re here to help aspiring authors like you by offering a variety of packages and services that please every author.

Right from picking a package until your book’s post-publishing support, you’re taken care of.

You will get the same team of in-house professionals that have served Nickelodeon, Oxford Press, Amazon, Santillana and Hachette Book Group. We also had the privilege to help five publishers amongst the top 25 in the world.

If you think you won’t get to have a say on how your book will turn out, you’re wrong! While you relax and leave everything for us to do, you can call the shots! And of course, you can have 100% control over your royalty and book’s publishing rights.

Sounds awesome, right?