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About Us

Pen2Publishing helps people self-publish their books and become an author. From an idea in your head all the way to crafting it into a story for people to read, we’re here to help you at each step.

We are part of a group to help more people fulfil their dream to publish and Become authorpreneur. 

We are going direct to writers and authors and we don’t outsource, we give that befit to authors on price and quality. We don’t spend huge money like other brands on advertising. We work with limited authors per month.

We are not venture backed it our money and support of our great team. We strongly believe women power and our team has 65% women.

If you look at the offer people think it would be impossible or low quality, the fact that we have been serving publisher around the world for 10 years and our mission is to help Writers and Indi authors to fulfil their dream to publish.

Our goal is to help writers fulfill their dream of creating & publishing their books to become authorpreneurs!

How it Started

I started Pen2Publishing as a sister company to Equire Technologies.

At Equire, I watched the publishing industry grow for more than a decade, working alongside renowned publishers like Amazon, Nickelodeon, Oxford Press, and more.

During this period, I realized something. Writers face severe hardships in publishing their book and struggle to go about it in the right way. They face difficulties getting a fair deal from publishers, making it hard for them to earn adequately.

And this just didn’t feel right. After all, writers are at the heart of the publishing business. Without their work, we wouldn’t have anything to publish.

That’s when I decided to start Pen2Publishing. An author-centric self-publishing company that empowers writers to take matters into their own hands by providing them with the necessary information & resources that we’ve gathered over the years.

About Us
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The Team

When we spoke to many authors, we also identified that it’s a hassle dealing with multiple intermediaries to create and publish their books.

It is why we chose to build an in-house team of experts based in India. It helps us keep an affordable rate for authors compared to other self-publishing options and guide you at every step.

Starting from editing the manuscript, finding the perfect cover, designing & formatting your book, all the way to the best PR and marketing. You won’t have to deal with multiple vendors as all these services are available to you with Pen2Publishing.