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About Us

Go from a Writer to Author with Pen2publishing.

We believe in the power of stories and their influence on the reading world. Our goal is to help writers fulfill their dream to create and publish their books and become authorpreneurs. 

After watching the publishing industry grow, we know the hardships faced by writers who want to self-publish but don’t know how to do it. Starting from editing the manuscript, finding the perfect cover, and designing their book to the best PR and marketing, we help writers in their self-publishing journey. 

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Pen2publishing is the sister company to Equire Technologies serving many authors and publishers for more than a decade. Today, we offer multiple publishing plans that enable both authors and publishers to get their books out for the world to read. 

If you think you won’t get to have a say on how your book will turn out, you’re wrong! While you relax and leave everything for us to do, you can call the shots! And of course, you can have 100% control over your royalty and book’s publishing rights.