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Certainly not. Although, if you are a bit hesitant about vocabulary, spellings, etc., our editors will help you.

We don’t start the publishing process without receiving payment, but we will show you samples of templates and books we have previously worked on.

Only the first round of changes are free. It is charged from the second round based on the number of changes.

It’s not necessary for you to know anything about it. Our team of professionals will help you from the beginning till the end. If you already have a rough idea as to what you want, we will help you develop it.

Yes. It will be considered as an add on for the package you are using.

A partial refund will be provided only as per the completion of the services. Once the book is published, you cannot get a refund.


Yes! Being in the industry for more than ten years (Equiretech) we know what every author needs, so you’re in good hands.


After finishing your manuscript, you can contact us and a Publishing Consult will get in touch with you and help pick out a package.

After picking out the package, a project manager is assigned to you and will guide you through the entire publishing process.

Every package has its features. You can pick a package that has all features suitable for your book instead of choosing one in which some features are unfit. Our Project Consultant will help you pick a suitable one.

Our Project Manager will guide you and help you fix an MRP based on the production cost of the book. The production is in-turn calculated based on the number of pages and the trim size of the book.

Royalty = MRP – (production cost + distribution charge)

Both have its advantages and are preferred by all readers, so there is no point in picking in just one.

It is the final file that is sent for print.

Website – no.

Print material – yes as it comes under print marketing kit.

Proofreading – no

Editing service –  yes

You can opt for Post Publishing Correction under revision service.

Of course. It can be done with the right marketing.

When there is a demand for an order of books, the printing is done immediately.

Royalties are paid every month.

The author dashboard is provided for every other where you can view sales of the books.

They can find your book on e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, and our Pen2Publishing store along with proper marketing.


Yes, but it requires metadata revision charges.

Yes, if it doesn’t comply with the website’s policies.

To stop the sale of your book, you will have to send an email to the author support team to have the book’s listing on hold.



For P2P distribution costs are 10%.

Other e-commerce website charge 15% distribution charges + shipping and handling.

Once your book is ready to print it will be put on various e-commerce websites along with premium retail display at stores.

No. According to website policies, we cannot provide any details regarding the customers.

No. It will differ internationally only.

Of course! Our partnership with Amazon’s International service allows readers from around the globe to buy your book.


Yes. Our team of marketing experts will come up with marketing strategies that will suit your book.


Yes. We do both. While online involves social media, etc. Offline marketing consists in making posters, bookmarks, etc.


If your book does well in the market and the content is good, we can try arranging interviews in newspapers.


A link will be sent where you can pay. You can either pay in full or in instalments.


You can pay the whole amount in the initial phase or instalments.


A bank transfer will be done for your royalties every month.


Someone might claim rights for your work.


Yes. It is mandatory for every book as it helps to recognise the book.

It is number assigned to your book which helps it being recognised.


Yes. We will do it for you.