Best Method to Choose Amazon Book Categories

The Best Method to Choose Amazon Book Categories

The Best Method to Choose Amazon Book Categories

While uploading your manuscript to KDP, you need to select categories to place your book. It is one of the crucial factors that decide the success of your book. Many self-published authors make the mistake of either choosing too broad categories or choose highly competitive categories for their books. They put little thought into selecting the categories, and the book doesn’t make high-sales or become a bestseller. 

In this article, we will look at the significance of choosing the right book categories on Amazon and how to choose them. 

What is Amazon Book Categories?

Categories are provided to the Amazon algorithm to make the process of searching for a product effortlessly. The various products on Amazon are categorized and placed in different categories to find and buy. 

When you upload your book in KDP, there is a list of categories shown to you. These categories are from BISAC, the global standard for book categories. Any author invariably starts by choosing categories from this list, and later it is decided as to which Amazon category your book needs to be placed. 

The Best Method to Choose Amazon Book Categories

There are over 16,000 categories on Amazon, and you need to choose the best categories among them to place your book. 

Significance of Choosing the Right Amazon Book Categories

Selecting the right categories for your book can significantly increase sales, and here are the reasons why it matters the most:

  • Amazon users browse through various categories to find the product or book they want. Your potential reader might miss finding the book if it is placed in an irrelevant or wrong category. 
  • Amazon’s algorithm finds out what its customers might like next to purchase. You might be familiar with the section below any product’s sales page on Amazon, “Customers who bought this item also bought.” So, when you place your book in the right category, Amazon drives potential readers who would be interested in your book. 

Steps to Choose the Book Categories

You would’ve put time and effort into Amazon keyword research, the same way you need to pay attention to choosing categories as well. The different steps you need to take to find the right book categories on Amazon:

1. Research the Potential Book Categories

On the Amazon home page, have a look at the categories listed under the books section. If you have written a non-fiction book, search for the various categories listed under it. You need to go deep into these categories to find a hundred other categories listed. It will give you an idea about the potential categories in which your book could be listed. 

The Best Method to Choose Amazon Book Categories

2. Choose the #1 Bestseller in a Category

After doing the previous step, you have a list of potential book categories. Now, the step is to find out the bestseller in each of these categories you have listed. Click the category link, and that will take you to the bestsellers. 

Select the first bestseller listed in that category and go to the book sales page. 

The Best Method to Choose Amazon Book Categories

When you scroll below, you will come across the “Product Details.” In the details, check for the Amazon Best Sellers Rank (ABSR). Make a note of the number next to the category you have chosen. Ideally, you need to beat that number to become the best seller in that particular category. 

Follow the same for other categories you have on the list. 

3. Choose ‘Less Competitive’ Categories

You need to choose a category where the bestseller has the least ABSR. When it has the least ABSR, it means the category is least competitive, and your book probably can become a bestseller in that category. If your book becomes a bestseller in that particular category, then it promises more book sales.  

The Best Method to Choose Amazon Book Categories

4. Selecting Ideal Categories

When you upload your book on KDP, make sure you select a category that best fits your book’s title and content and select the less competitive category, which might not be the best fit but would help you in the ranking. 

5. Don’t Settle for Just a Few Categories

While browsing through the bestsellers and different categories, you probably would have noticed that there are books listed in about ten categories. You might even wonder how it is even possible. There is a unique way you can also do the same for your book.

You can send an email to Amazon Author Central support and ask them to add your book to the additional categories. You need to copy and paste the exact category path that you want in the email, and you can get your book placed in those categories.  

We know these steps can be a little demanding for first-time authors, but nothing would stop your book from getting the recognition it deserves if you take these crucial steps. With the right book category, you can make your book the next bestseller on Amazon.