7 Strategies for a Book Launch

7 Strategies for a Successful Book Launch

7 Strategies for a Successful Book Launch

Strategies to Use for a Book Launch

1. Book Trailer

A book trailer is a useful marketing tool to promote a book. The concept is taken from movie trailers, where it is made to create interest, excitement, and curiosity to watch the movie. In the same, book trailers introduce your book to the readers. 

It is a short video distributed across many platforms to boost your online presence,  create a buzz about your book, and reach a maximum number of readers. It is a unique and different way to introduce your book rather than giving the book summary and book review excerpts. 

Guidelines to Follow

Here are some standard guidelines to keep in mind while making a book trailer for your book launch:

  • Find your target audience. Who do you want to reach through this book? A trailer has to be made appealing to that specific audience. 
  • A trailer requires a script. So, make sure you use storyboards or hire a professional to cut a stunning trailer for you.
  • Make sure you add the title of your book and your (author’s) name at the beginning or end of the trailer.
  • The video and graphics you add to the trailer should be in line with the content of the book.
  • Use text sparingly, and don’t force the viewers to read too much.
  • The music used in the trailer should support the overall tone and style of the book. Remember to buy the license to use the selected music and images.
  • Don’t give away too much. Your video should tempt readers to know more about the book.
  • Try to keep the trailer between 1- 2 minutes in length.

7 Strategies for a Successful Book Launch

2. Book Landing Page

An effective way to promote your book is to have a book landing page where the primary focus is on the book. It is not like having an author website, where the readers can find all the information about you and your works. With a book landing, the focus is entirely on the book that is about to release, and it gives the readers information about where to buy them. 

Guidelines to Follow

A successful book landing page has to be creative, and also include the following essential elements:

  • A stunning book cover

It is vital to have a striking book cover image that will capture the reader’s attention. By having a great cover, you are creating the best first impression, and automatically instilling interest in the reader’s mind.

  • Captivating Headline 

Just like the book cover, the headline must also grab the reader’s attention. It should be placed near the book cover. The headline should not only command attention but should also convey the value of your book. It should convey what the book promises to do for them.

  • Call to action

Some readers don’t require more than a beautiful book cover and captivating headline to purchase your book. Make it easier for them by including a “buy now” button. Their readers should not have to scroll through the website to find it so it should look prominent.

  • Relatable Bio

If you want people to become your true fans, you need to get personal. Sharing a bio on a personal level helps attract more readers and relate to you. You don’t have to get too personal at the same time, but don’t forget to be your 100% self.

7 Strategies for a Successful Book Launch

3. Social Media Marketing

It doesn’t matter what type of book you write or where you publish it, social media has become commonplace to promote it. It helps authors reach a wide reading audience in no time. 

There are various platforms. You can have a Facebook author page, accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads to promote your book, build a loyal fanbase, and stay connected with the readers. 

Guidelines to Follow 

  • Establish your objective

Before you get into using social media platforms, determine your aim with it. Because the purpose determines what kind of posts or campaigns you ought to post. Find out if you want to increase the number of followers or want a loyal fan base or increase your visibility. Depending on the goal, design your page and posts.

  • Each Platform is Different

Remember that each platform is different, so use these platforms accordingly. For instance, Instagram and Pinterest are more visual-based, so design posts that incline more on the visual element. Platforms like Twitter can be used to run hashtag campaigns, or even post the quotes from your book as your tweets.

  • Be interactive

Social media can be super helpful nowadays with everything. Before it helps you create buzz, capture followers, and steer readers towards your author website to buy your book. The first step is to capture people’s attention and interact with them in the right way.

7 Strategies for a Successful Book Launch

4. Media Kit

A media kit, also called a press kit, is a package that has all vital information about you and your book. It is for people, like book bloggers, reviewers, and journalists, who need access to that information and want further details. 

During your book launch, the media kit becomes easier access for people. 

Guidelines to Follow

While preparing a media kit, remember to have these essentials:

  • Author Bio

Include a short, medium, and a long version of your bio. It should have a bit about you and your previous works as well.

  • Book Synopsis

A short synopsis or summary of your book. Don’t give away too much, talk about what readers can expect from it.

  • Contact Information Sheet

Provide all details about your author website, book landing page, and all social media platforms. It should have all details where people can find and contact you.

  • Sample Chapter

It is essential to determine your writing style and the scope of your book.

  • Interview Questions

Provide sample interview questions that can be used by journalists and magazine editors. 

  • Book Review excerpts
  • High-quality author photos & book cover image.

5. Book Pre-orders

Book pre-orders allow readers to book a copy of your book before its release. You can have the pre-order option open for print books, eBooks, and even audiobooks. Usually, the sales go up during this period. 

It creates an early buzz regarding your book which is a key factor that determines the initial success of your book.

Guidelines to Follow

Here are a few guidelines to follow before you add your book to pre-order option:

  • You need to plan in advance. The pre-order should be at least 4-12 weeks in advance of the release date of your book. 
  • Add a link to the pre-order page while marketing your book via contests, chapter reveals, book tours, social media posts, etc.
  • Giver readers a discount while buying your new book through pre-orders. ‘

6. Amazon Bestseller Campaign

Amazon bestseller campaign is an organized book launch where many people are encouraged to buy your book on one decided day. The prime aim of the campaign is to get your book to top in the selected Amazon category and be called a bestseller.

It is helpful for authors as the books that rise to the top categories and attract a lot of views for the boost by Amazon’s marketing algorithm.

Guidelines to Follow

  • Choose a date

Make sure to pick a date for the campaign. It can be either on your publication date or the day your book goes “live” on Amazon. If not, make sure the date is close to either one of these two.

  • Build an email list

It is the most crucial part of the campaign. Try getting as many email ids as possible so that you can have a better chance at a successful campaign. Try using social media platforms to get the ids if you already don’t have an active and responsive mailing list.

  • Offer a bonus for people who want to buy on the day of promotion

You can think of offering something like a coupon or content that complements a book like a checklist or a worksheet.

  • Ask other authors to offer bonus

This is great for other authors who will gain exposure to everyone brought into the event. They may acquire lots of new readers from the attention. In return, they agree to mail your offer to their email lists. 

It is a win-win situation for everyone:

  • You get many people you need to make the strategy succeed.
  • The other author gets exposure.

7 Strategies for a Successful Book Launch

7. Advertising

Depending on your specific launch goals and budget, you may also want to consider the old school way of marketing- paid advertising. It helps drive participation for activities in your lunch plan. Even small budgets can be of enormous help. Still, the unfortunate thing is that the results of advertising are highly unpredictable, and you can’t purely depend on advertising to fuel your launch.

Guidelines to Follow

Here are a few tips to follow when you plan an ad for your book:

  • Choose a Website

There is so much more to learn to accomplish an effective ad. Concentrating on one website will help you concentrate and learn more. Depending on where your readers are, you can also advertise on other social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest.

  • Plan a Daily Budget

While some websites charge by the number of people who will see your ad, the other websites charge based on the number of people who click the ad — double-check to know what you’re buying as you’ll want to monitor the results carefully.

  • Fix a Time

Decide when you will be doing your advertising. It may be at the timing of your launch, or you may use ads to promote a specific event during the launch like a giveaway, webinar, Kindle Select free days, etc.

  • Have an Attractive Headline: 

Brainstorm headlines for advertisements as it’s super important. A boring headline stops your readers from reading the rest of the ad.

  • Create Short Ads

Ads can’t seek a book, but it can surely make people want to know more about it.

  • Track Ad’s Results

You must know how to track your ad’s results on a day-to-day basis so you can adjust your ad budget or demographics based on the results you get.

If executed well, the book launch can be the start of something huge for your book. It helps establish your brand, message, and presence. 

Don’t forget that your book launch is the celebration of your book. Writing a book and publishing it is an achievement that must be highlighted. Failing to reward yourself or acknowledge your brainchild can be sad, so why not spread joy?