What is the difference between a Book Launch & Book Promotion?

What is the Difference between a Book Launch & Book Promotion?

While creating a book launch plan, it is vital to understand the difference between a book marketing plan and a book launch plan.

The book promotion plan starts long before you decide to launch the book. It goes long after the book launch as well. 

A book marketing plan involves the approach and strategies you use to market your book, such as designing an author website, promoting your book on social media,  building business relationships, etc. There are several strategies authors employ to promote their book.

A book launch plan includes the use of approaches to introduce your book to the reading world. Authors need to prepare for the book launch. You decide on a date, time, and place to release your book. It is the most awaited day in the author’s life. 

It is the time when you finally taste the joy of all your efforts of putting a book together. 

A book marketing plan is always ongoing, whereas a book launch plan is put into action at a particular time on a specific day.

There is only one similarity between both these plans. Both book launch and book promotion require solid planning and brilliant execution.