Bestselling eBook Niches & How to Find Profitable Ones

Bestselling eBook Niches & How to Find Profitable Ones

Bestselling eBook Niches & How to Find Profitable Ones

Finding the top-selling ebook niches should be part of your strategy to build a successful career as a writer or a self-published author. Finding a profitable niche can definitely influence your writing style and push you towards thinking of new book ideas that you might not have thought of previously. 

Whether that is non-fiction or fiction books, understanding and researching profitable keywords in a book genre and profitable niches can give you the motivation to venture into more ideas for self-publishing and selling eBooks.

So how do you move forward with the journey of self-publishing in a top niche? How do you find profitable niches to write your own book and potentially become one among the best-sellers? If these are some of the questions running through your mind, continue reading to find out. 

Are eBooks Still Profitable?

You should instead be asking how profitable is selling ebooks? They are the digital format of your book that can easily reach anyone across the world instantly. This makes them much more accessible and profitable than physical books. 

The Amazon Kindle store or kindle direct publishing is probably the biggest eBook marketplace on the internet. They sell kindle books, which are eBooks that you can access through kindle devices. 

Thanks to the kindle unlimited program, readers can access any Kindle book they want on the platform with a small monthly fee. Any particular book in any book genre you like with an eBook version is available to you at the tap of a finger.

How Do I Find My eBook Niche?

There are many ways to find profitable niches in a book genre. Here are some ways to research to find the right niche for you to help you make more money. 

This tool helps you monitor current trends and view past data regarding things people search on Google. Using this data, you can find profitable keywords and research popular niches with high demand and what types of books people search for on the most used search engine.

Google trends should be a powerful tool in your search engine optimization marketing strategies to find a profitable and great niche. The tool will help you conduct keyword research, and based on previous searches from readers, you’ll be able to gauge extremely profitable keywords. 

In some cases, the tool will also show you demographic data that can help you identify a target audience. 

Apart from Google, Amazon Kindle Direct publishing platform itself is quite an extensive search engine that can give you clues to find profitable Kindle niches. 

As a self-publishing author, you should definitely look at competitors’ books in the popular Kindle niche. Looking at the Kindle book title, which book category they publish in, and their book descriptions will all give you ideas to find profitable niches. Looking at their seller rank can also provide information regarding how well they’ve done. 

Amazon Bestseller List: 

The Amazon bestseller list is a great place to look at and find extremely profitable and selling niches that provide consistent sales. Readers naturally tend to gravitate towards a successful book with a bestseller rank. 

The more sales and bestseller rank you see from a particular niche, the more the chances you’ll have to make money in that Kindle niche. Bestsellers are a great indicator and a form of trend analysis you can do to understand the type of books readers love and discover a Kindle niche that can do wonders for you.  

Top Profitable eBook Niches 

Historically, there are some good niches that readers generally love to explore. These niches in fiction and non-fiction have a large audience as they tend to be applicable and easily consumable by most people. Even in the Kindle store, there are a few popular Kindle niches, like self-help books, fantasy books, that always find the top place in book categories.


Health & Fitness

Health & fitness is one among the many book categories that has long proven to be the best-seller rank in the book space. It has been so successful because it gives a reader a complete guide to problems they’re trying to solve that they can access at any time. 

Many gyms, trainers, and coaches use an ebook on health and fitness as a lead magnet to attract people towards their business. They also get leads and use them to promote their products and services through email marketing. 


Humans are community-driven animals. We build our world based on connections. Everyone cares about someone or the other in their life. This is why books on relationships are such a profitable niche among Amazon categories.

Everyone wants to know how to improve relationships and improve that particular part of their life.  If you decide to write in this niche, make sure you have something new, unique, and valuable to add compared to what already exists. 

This genre often involves self-help books. Self-help books have become a go-to book for many readers. A self-help book is a guide written in an engaging way that helps you use real-life examples from the author to apply certain principles in your life.

Bestsellers – The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

Bestselling eBook Niches & How to Find Profitable Ones


Writing a business/startup/entrepreneurship book idea is not easy. It is essential to have experience in the field and write down what you’ve learned into valuable lessons for readers. Over the years, many business people and entrepreneurs whose books have climbed up the best-sellers ladder.

Bestsellers – Think and Grow Rich

Bestselling eBook Niches & How to Find Profitable Ones


A biography is a story written about an influential individual by a writer. An autobiography is an account of a person’s life written by that person. 

As a writer, you choose to write a biography about someone who inspires you for the work that they’ve done, provided you have enough resources to gather correct information from genuine sources.


Bestselling eBook Niches & How to Find Profitable Ones



The fantasy niche is quite a vast imaginary land of stories. To get success writing an eBook in this Kindle niche ultimately depends on how creative and well-written your story is. 

Bestsellers – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Bestselling eBook Niches & How to Find Profitable Ones


Stories are written around the love interests of people in this Kindle eBooks niche. Tales that take us through the minds and hearts of characters with the central plot or story themed around love.  

This is similar to the relationship niche in the non-fiction genre, and this is quite a popular segment for its profound relatable aspects.

Bestsellers – The Sands of Time

Bestselling eBook Niches & How to Find Profitable Ones


Fictional stories are made to pull you to the edge of your seat with suspense that keeps you turning the page to find out what happens next. 

This genre is a popular hit for readers to escape into a mysterious world and vicariously live a thrilling life. 

Bestsellers – 500 Days

Bestselling eBook Niches & How to Find Profitable Ones


If you can get someone to be afraid with just words, then horror is the place your writing skills deserve to take a shot at. It is one of the most popular niche among bestselling Amazon categories.

Bestsellers –  The Night Circus (Vintage Magic)

Bestselling eBook Niches & How to Find Profitable Ones

In the end, if you want to write and self-publish a successful eBook that makes money, it will require quite some trial and error before you get it right. Follow the steps mentioned, and discover a great eBook niche that will make you a bestselling author.