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Amazon Book Description Generator

It is significant to have a proper book description that will help boost your book sales. The book description is probably the best way to create a good impression and influence the reader’s choice. A good book description can urge the reader to buy the book.

In many platforms, the book description appears as a long paragraph. You cannot choose the font style, or decide how you want the text to appear in the description.

Here is an example of a book description in Amazon. There is no option to make the font bold or italicize it. Your book description is just another long paragraph, and your potential reader might miss the intriguing or interesting aspects that might appeal to them. Only if you had the option to highlight those factors!

Here is how the same description will appear. You can choose the way you want the description to be. You can choose to make a few words bold or italicize a particular section. It will help you create an elegant description that will captivate the readers.

With this tool, you can overcome all these hurdles and easily create a custom formatted book description. The tool is well- suited for platforms like Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, etc.

Follow the instructions below for using the description generator:

  1. Enter your book description in the text box. If you are copy- pasting the content from Word or Docs, make sure you do the pasting without formatting.
  2. Choose the formatting options. If you cannot choose one particular font size or icons, it means it is not available for the selected platform.
  3. After you have finished choosing the formatting and have the description the way you want, click on “Copy to Clipboard.”
  4. Now, you can paste the code into the platform you have chosen to publish.