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Why Edit your Book?

Worried About Errors in Your Book? We’ve Got You Covered!​

If your manuscript isn’t error-free,  your credibility is at stake. You’ve read your manuscript over and over again. You have also asked others to read it because you feel there are minute errors you are not able to spot.

Just like how famous authors use professional editors to make their books error-free, you want a professional to take a look at your manuscript too!

It might seem like a lot of work, but editing is vital when it comes to publishing. Why waste your time going through your manuscript 20-30 times to find tiny errors when you can get professional help? Our team of professional editors is here to make your manuscript error-free.

With the amount of hard work you put into writing, you deserve a professional to help you with the finishing touches. Our professional editors have more than ten years of experience, so you’re in luck! Editing is a vital part of the publishing process. There are different types of editing that help to make your book more readable. 

A Book with Errors Will Cause Readers to Question Your Credibility.

Pros of Editing

Save Time

Saves time​

Honest Feedbacks

Honest feedback​

improve language​

Helps improve language​

Provides a professional look​

Provides a professional look​

Clear Communication

Clear communication​


More readable​

Copy Editing

This part of the process makes your book as error-free as possible.
Also known as text editing, this word-by-word edit focuses on grammar, usage, and consistency issues.

Our team of professionals reviews your manuscript and makes suggestions in spelling, tone, grammar, punctuation, and consistency. You can accept these suggestions if you wish to do so, and clarify any doubts with us.

Please note that we do NOT review the plot of your book or rewrite any major portions of it.

copy editing

Substantive Editing

This phase of editing is the most comprehensive. It consists of copy editing, plot suggestions, and narrative style. The editors will rephrase sentences to ensure conciseness, clarity, and smooth transitions. If needed, we’ll rearrange sentences or chunks of text to improve your manuscript’s overall flow.

Process to get your manuscript professionally edited:



Submit your manuscript as a Word doc. Our editor will review it and send you a sample.



After you approve the sample edit, he or she will edit the entire manuscript and send it to you for approval (with visible tracking). You can accept or reject changes and you can reply to the editor's comments or add new ones.


Final changes:

The editor will incorporate final changes and send you the final manuscript.

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