Can eBooks be Printed?

Can eBooks be Printed?

Can eBooks be Printed?

eBooks are great because they can be read on any device, e-reader, or computer. You don’t need to worry about carrying around many books with you, and if your battery dies, you’re not left in the dark. But what happens when you want to print an eBook? 

Many of us have the question of whether we can print eBooks? We might not need to print the whole eBook. But at times, we feel it would be handy to have selected pages as a printed copy. 

The truth is printing an eBook is not a simple, straightforward process. But, it is possible to print pages from an e-Book. This blog post will help you understand how to print pages from an e-Book. 

How to Print an eBook

This particular method works best for all eBook files except for the e-Books that are not DRM-protected. Here is how you can print pages from an eBook that are not DRM protected:

  • Purchase a software (like Calibre) that allows for printing from your desktop or laptop – this will depend on what type of devices you use. 
  • Download the software onto all devices that interact with the eBook (including phones and tablets).
  • You can add the eBook to the software and convert it to a PDF file. 
  • Once you have converted your eBook to a PDF format, you can start printing the page you need. 

How to Print an eBook that is DRM-protected

Many book publishers and eBook retailers use DRM (Digital Right Management) to protect eBooks. This feature is common in Kindle eBooks and Apple iBooks. 

Since these eBooks are DRM-protected, you cannot convert the eBook to a PDF file and print it. If you still want to print e-Book pages, then follow the steps mentioned:

  • Go to the page you need to print and size the page on the screen to ensure it includes all the text you want to print.
  • Take a screenshot of the select page or multiple pages of the e-Book.  
  • You can print the screenshots or export the jpg or png files to PDF files. Depending on the PDF program (Adobe Reader) you use, you can compile the pages into one document.
  • You can print the selected pages and read them like a printed book.

Printing your eBook may be a good idea for those who want to have their work as a printed book. However, this is not the best option if you are trying to save money or time on printing costs. 

The digital world has made it easy and affordable to distribute an eBook electronically without any hassle of having a physical book published through traditional methods. If you’ve found yourself asking, “can eBooks be printed?” then rest assured that they can!

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