Difference between eBook and an original file or print book

What is the difference between an eBook and an original file or print book?

Our professionals take the extra mile to convert and deliver a high-quality eBook and retain the look and feel of the original file, be it a PDF, InDesign file, or a print book. The layout might not be the exact replica of the original since eBooks are inherently different from the rest. 



Let us understand the differences between these two formats.

  • The text in an eBook would flow differently on different devices depending on the font and font size chosen by the reader.
  • The layout of an eBook is not fixed like in a print book. But, when it comes to fixed-layout eBooks, like picture books or cookbooks, the layout is fixed.
  •  An index is not included in the eBook file. Unlike in print books, where page numbers don’t vary, the page numbers vary in eBooks. It changes in eReaders based on the font selection and size. 
  • Headers and footers have limitations based on the selected eReader device. So, it is not set on the eBook file as well.

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