Best eBook Reader Apps for Android

5 Best eBook Reader Apps for Android You Must Know

Using an eBook reader has become much easier in this digital age than carrying many books everywhere you go. You can read your favorite book on the reading app and read it anywhere, anytime. 

You don’t even have to buy an eReader or even find a space for it in your bag to continue reading your eBook. Thanks to eBook reader apps, you can access all your beloved stories within minutes from your smartphone. 

Choosing an eBook reader app from numerous options is a difficult task. Here is a list of the 5 best eBook reader apps for Android that would help you make an informed choice.

1.Amazon Kindle 

Kindle is probably the most well-known eReader among readers worldwide. It has an extensive collection of novels, magazines, academic books, and newspapers. You can download the free app on your Android phone and read the book after you purchase it on Amazon.

Key Features:

  • Access to Google and Wikipedia.
  • Free samples of thousands of books. 
  • Highlight page information and share it.
  • In-built Oxford English dictionary.
  • Includes panel-to-panel view. 
  • Best to read fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, and comics.

2.Kobo Books

Kobo books is another top contender among the best eReader apps. It has millions of books to choose from, and you can download books to access them offline. Kobo has a wide-ranging catalog that appeals to all kinds of readers. 

It offers a unique feature called, Reading Life, which is a form of social reading. It aims to introduce your passion and interests to a community. It also makes it possible to consult books and share quotes on social media. 

Key Features:

  • Possible to customize your text and upload the same.
  • Supports fixed-layout eBooks.
  • Easy-to-use audio player and eReader.
  • Best to read fiction and read-aloud books. 


Wattpad is a simple eReader with a friendly user interface, making it a perfect reading app for readers without technical knowledge. 

Apart from being an eReading app, it is also a social storytelling platform. You can read works of well-established authors and also budding new-age writers.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to change the background and text color to your preference.
  • Option to download the book in parts if you are low on storage space. 
  • Share your library with others.
  • Write and share your stories.


Scribd is often called the Netflix for books as it offers a wide range of eBooks for the readers. It gives access to various bestselling books from multiple genres, including Personal Growth, Self-help, Science-fiction, Travel, Crime thrillers, Entertainment, and more. 

Key Features:

  • Customize the font type, size, and background.
  • Doesn’t support fixed-layout books.
  • Possible to customize narration speed for audiobooks.
  • Best to read science-fiction, contemporary fiction, and travel books.

5.Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko book reader app is the best alternative to some of the famous eReading apps. It provides a customizable reading experience for readers. The app’s user interface is like a bookshelf that helps the reader to navigate through the collection.

Key Features:

  • Customize font size, color, and background to suit the reader’s needs.
  • Best eReader for books in PDF, ePUB, Adobe DRM encrypted formats.
  • Doesn’t support fixed-layout eBooks.

The comprehensive list will help you make an informed choice. Download one of these eBook reader apps on your android and start reading your favorite book anywhere, anytime. 

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