Top eBook Reader Apps for Windows

5 Top eBook Reader Apps for Windows You Should Download Right Now

eBooks are a great way to enjoy classic literature, real-life stories, path-breaking self-help books, and any kind of tale. It is cheaper than print books and easily accessible. You can immediately start reading it once you buy the eBook.

There are numerous tablets and devices for digital reading. You need to spend truckloads of money to buy it and enjoy reading eBooks. However, with eBook reader apps, you can enjoy reading eBooks on various smartphones and PCs. 

Here is a list of the best eBook reading apps that would help you make a choice. 


Calibre is one of the oldest eBook management app that makes it easier for you to read and organize your eBooks. The unique factor of Calibre is that it is portable and is compatible with many platforms. 

It has an in-built eBook viewer that supports all eBook formats. It is the perfect app for both readers and aspiring writers since it offers to create eBooks.


  • Download EPUB books and book covers.
  • Option for eBook conversion.
  • Edit the books in your collection.  
  • Users can download news from the web and convert it into an eBook.

2. VitalSource Bookshelf

VitalSource Bookshelf is the world’s leading platform for accessing and consuming numerous eBooks, textbooks, and course materials. The reader app works with both android and windows. 


  • Best to read academic books, textbooks, and course materials. 
  • Supports animation, interactivity, and read-aloud functions. 
  • Option to highlight and annotate the text like we do on paper.

3. Adobe Digital Edition

Adobe Digital Edition is an excellent eReader for Windows. It gives access to manage and read numerous eBooks, magazines, and digital newspapers. 

It supports the EPUB3 format. 


  • Supports simple fixed-layout eBooks.
  • Users can borrow or rent EPUB versions of books from local libraries. 
  • It is best to access coursebooks and academic books. 

4. Cover

Cover is one of the best eReading apps, mainly to read comics on Windows. The app supports the EPUB3 format making it possible for readers to consume any book heavy with images and graphics. 


  • Manage and arrange your library through elements like page count, shelves, and current page.
  • Customize reading experience like background color, type of pages, etc.
  • Option to save your comics any location you want, such as networks, local networks. 

5. Bibliovore

Bilbliovore is another free eReader app for Windows. The readers can have an incredible reading experience with support for various themes. It can be downloaded easily from the Windows app store and is completely free to use. 


  • Fantastic organizational features, allowing the user to manage an extensive library of books.
  • Support for book metadata editing.
  • Option to group books in a series. 

It is a comprehensive list that will help choose and download the eReader app that is perfect for you.

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