Websites to download free eBooks.

18 Websites to Download Free eBooks

website to download free eBooks

Reading has been an essential part of human civilization for ages. It came around with the invention of the paper, and as things were written down. We saw a boom in reading after the invention of the printing press, and books became an everyday thing. Now, we cannot even think of reading or pursuing our education without the help of ebooks. So, rather than consulting physical books, we have moved on to eBooks, which are the digital versions.

Most of us think that it isn’t justified for a digital book to cost as much as a physical book, but they often do. So, here we will mention some of the sites to download free eBooks. It will be beneficial for students to download the free digital versions of their textbooks, which are easier to access. They wouldn’t need to pay any money. So, let us begin with knowing these websites.

1. Project Gutenberg:

If you are looking forward to downloading legal free eBooks, then the best way to do so is through Project Gutenberg. They have a vast collection of digital books that may interest you and span over several languages. They are also the place to go if you are searching for rare eBooks.

Currently, they have over 60,000 books, and which are available in different digital formats. They do not believe in registration or levying any fee for it. You can browse through their website easy to find the free books of your choice.

2. Overdrive:

When you are taking out an eBook, you should think about its legality. For example, a living writer depends on the money they make through the ebooks they have published. On the other hand, overdrive is a legal way to access digital books via public libraries.

All you will need is to check with your local public library or your school to publish their selection. They have all the new titles available. Their service is excellent as they are currently available in libraries in over 40 countries. The company is also serious about education, and they have the ‘Sora’ service, which is specially made for students. It is an excellent place for ebook download.

3. Countless Books:

Amazon has garnered popularity over the years, and there are Kindle users all over the world. So, it is evident that these users will search for eBooks that they can get for free. Countless is the website that they should consult as it works as a world for free Kindle eBooks.

To get the best books, you should sign up for their newsletter, which instantly notifies you when a good title is available. You can also search on the website using the categories of your interest. These days they are also providing free Audible audiobooks to their users. They are the site to visit to download free ebooks.

4. Open Library:

Libraries are a custom that developed as more people got into reading. Books are about sharing knowledge, so Open Library is a non-profit initiative to achieve literature with the help of the internet. So, it is an actual open library that allows you to borrow and return books like any other library.

The project dreams of a future when everyone will have access to the books they need to download for free. All you need to do is Sign Up on the website to get started with reading. We will recommend you check their science and biography categories as they have thousands of ebooks free in these sections.

5. BookBoon:

If you are someone who is primarily looking for sites that have digital textbooks for free, then we will highly recommend Book Boon. They are a fantastic website that has all kinds of textbooks that you can imagine. They also have a vast selection of eBooks related to business, which you can check out.

Along with their free service, they also have a premium service to allow people to access even more eBooks without needing to think about advertisements. It would help if you ticked some boxes to access their books. It does fall in the ten best sites for free download ebooks.

6. Free ebooks:

It is website has been there for a long time now. And they have always catered to the different needs of people. When you enter their website, you will see that they have many categories, so you are really up for something specific according to your needs. You get to choose from thousands of free eBooks, and these days, they also provide access to audiobooks.

Membership is free on the website, and every month, you get 5 free Book downloads. Currently, they have more than 11,000 books on their site. If you want free eBooks for a lifetime, then you will need to pay them $49.95, and it is done.

7. Google Ebooks:

Google has reached an incredible height in the last few years. It has become an indispensable part of our life. We use Google to know about things, get around a place, and download the applications that we need. Google Play also provides us the option to download books and read them.

There are plenty of free options in the store that you can get, and Google also provides excellent offers from time to time. They also have a superb selection of Comic books for people who are interested in them. It is often mentioned in lists of websites to download free ebooks.

8. Many Books:

Many Book is a heaven for people who like to read books as it is one of the free websites to download ebooks. They are always updating their databases, and currently, they have over 50,000 titles available for everyone. They have everything from cheesy romances to acclaimed literary fiction. They have also divided them into easy-to-understand categories.

A user can choose to read the book online or download it in any format. Logging into the website is pretty straightforward. However, do join their newsletter to get the best recommendations.

9. Open Culture:

Open Culture is a mix of things, just like the human social culture. The website is about gaining knowledge through all sorts of things, including reading books and taking part in courses. The site has more than 800 free eBooks along with more than 200 textbooks.

So, you are really in for something unusual, and it is free. You also get to access 700 free audiobooks and over 1500 movies that will help you to know more. It is an excellent place for downloading ebooks.

10. LibriVox:

LibriVox is about listening to free audiobooks. They are a great initiative and take help from anyone interested to read out the books. They have a vast catalog, and you can choose based on the genre and the language.

It is an excellent resource for people who like to listen to their books rather than reading them. You wouldn’t need to sign up or do anything. Just choose the text that you want and download it to listen to on your preferred device. They are one of the free ebook download sites that you should know.

11. PDF Books World:

Isn’t it lovely that we have something like PDF, which has made it easier for us to read and store documents? It is also the most popular format for ebooks. This open-source public domain contains thousands of free eBooks that you can access.

The domain makes sure that the PDFs that they make available are legible and have a table of contents and illustrations to make things interesting. Users can select a book by narrowing down their category or genre or selecting works from a specific author. You need to log in to the website for free ebook downloads, and they also have a better viewing option for smartphone users.

12. International Digital Children’s Library:

Children should imbibe the love for reading since their childhood. It enhances their ability of imagination and also brings about their thirst for knowledge. If you have a child at your home, then this website is a place that you should visit.

It contains digital download eBooks free from all around the world, which is meant to be enjoyed by children. In addition, libraries from all around the world have taken initiatives to contribute books for the growth of our future generation.

13. Read Print:

When you look for websites to download free ebooks, we will always recommend you go for legal ones. Read Print is one of them with a vast collection of classic literature texts from all around the world. They have books related to essays, poetry, short stories, etc. You can quickly go through the options and choose books that you like. You can select the opportunity to read online, which lets you track your progress. The website also allows you to make groups and discuss ebook downloads with other people.

14. Authorama:

Authorama is one of the websites that pay heed to authors and their works. The site is straightforward to use, and the format is simple. The author’s names are arranged in alphabetical order, and you can easily find books by them.

A great thing about this website is that the text is already available on the website, so you can read it while browsing. In addition, it is one of the sites to download free eBooks that we will highly recommend for those looking for public domain books.

15. Questia Public Library:

If you are into research, you may want a resourceful website to more about things. During the study, you will mainly need rare books and textbooks. The Questia Public Library has been a popular online website to download eBooks for a long time.

They currently have over 5,000 public domain books that you can access. In addition, they give a tour of their website so that you can know about their work. They even have a writing center for students, which is of great help when writing down their thesis.

16. BookRix:

If you have heard about ebooks space, it is now called BookRix, and it is a fantastic place for finding books that you like. They have free books as well as paid books on the website. It works as an online library for you to read books, and you may even upload your books on the site. The website also behaves like a community that discusses the books that they are reading. It is one of the great websites for downloading free ebooks.

17. Wikipedia:

Wikipedia is another excellent boon that we have gained in the last decade. They have provided us with vast knowledge. Wikipedia works as an online library with several books spanning over genres and categories. They believe in a community that uploads the books and proofreads them before uploading. The website lets you directly read the books on the webpage and mention the sources of the books. It is a site that would be great if you want to stock up on classics. You may not think about this place when searching for free ebooks, sites to download free.

18. Baen:

If someone is looking for websites to download ebooks related to technology, science fiction, and dystopia, then Baen is the website you should visit. It is a free library that divides the collections according to the years that they were uploaded. They also have fantastic non-fiction works on their stuff. The website also has new things quite regularly.

So, here are the free ebook download sites that you should check out if you want to get the ebook you want without paying anything. We have mentioned websites that have significant collections, and we know that you will like them. Do go through all of them and find the best ones that will be helpful for you.

We have tried to provide a diverse selection of websites catering to different tastes in eBooks. Always go through legal ways to download the books rather than resorting to methods that might not be right. Be a responsible reader, and we think that you will never have an end to knowledge.