How to Self Publish an eBook

How to self publish an ebook

Imagine readers everywhere enjoying your book. How would you enjoy sitting in bookstores and libraries talking about the book that started out as just an idea in your head? What would you do with the extra money your book would bring in? Now, all you have to do is get your book into the hands of the reading public.

But how?

The Gate Keepers

Your topic may be wonderful, and your writing may be lyrical and deep, but if you can’t connect with readers, it may as well live on your hard drive.  Your next step is getting your book out there to the people. This used to be the most difficult part of the publishing process. Publishers acted as gatekeepers, determining what the reading public can and should read. E book publishing has changed all that. In 2010, eBook sales surpassed print sales. Yet, by 2017, sellers saw eBook sales more than triple. Most of these sales are generated outside of traditional publishing companies. That means “The Big Five” are no longer the only game in town. Now writers can go directly to their readers, exploring niche markets and, just as important, keep more of the money from the book.

eBook Formatting Services

With so many eBooks out there, readers have their pick of books. While most readers are willing to give new authors a chance, it may only be ONE chance. Because the marketplace for eBooks have exploded, low quality books flooding the market. They may be riddled with grammatical and typographical errors or have boring and unattractive covers. The text may not scale between readers, tablets and phones, making it difficult to read the book across platforms. Readers will stay away from brands or authors of substandard books. This is where eBook formatting services jumps in to save the day. These companies work for you. They provide the services that larger publishing companies use on a daily basis to give you the advantage you need to stand out in the marketplace. Let’s look at what you can expect from an eBook formatting services.

Cover Design

“You can’t tell a book by its cover.” Unfortunately, that’s just not true when it comes to books. Major publishers put millions into understanding how readers choose books based on their covers. Intuitively, we know what a romance cover should look. The same holds true for thrillers, mysteries and other genres. But what about nonfiction? This is where an eBook company makes a huge difference. They keep track of market trends, ensuring that from its first appearance, your book looks its best. We will help you create a cover image with the proper ratio that will use color modes appropriate for all ereaders.


The font you use may not be the font your reader sees. That’s because most of the popular eBook platforms gives readers the opportunity to change the font in their readers. But this can cause problems when it comes to how you use typeface in your work. For example, if you use type within tables or charts or you use word art to convey your message, these pieces may become skewed in other fonts. This leads us to the next topic.


After cover design, this might be one of the most important aspects of creating an eBook. Poor layout will drive readers away from your work. It gives your reader’s eyes a break, balancing white space and pictures with printed text to keep your reader comfortable. This becomes especially important as you look at specific genres. For example, children’s novels are laid out in a completely different way than adult novels. They have more illustrations and leave more white space around each page. Nonfiction books use a different type of layout. So, working with a service that understands the market and your genre is vital. In addition, quality layout ensures that your book is scalable for all different vision abilities and devices. It allows your reader to find a location easily and access it from eReader, phone or tablet.

Digital Layout

Once you have decided on the layout for your particular genre, it’s time to look at your books digital footprint. We can help you create a table of contents designed for eReader navigation while it maintains the order of your book. Margins are set to fit screens and printed page, giving your book a unified appearance. We convert any tables so that the entire info-graphic is visible on a single page, and move all notes from the text to the end of the chapter or the end of the book, depending on the genre and flow. Finally, we remove all the “soft” returns in your work, so that the text flows effortlessly from page to page without a break.

Digital Conversion

Today’s readers use a wide range of reading devices and platforms. Each of these has their own program. If you only publish in program, you are limiting the audience for your book. However, just switching your book from one program to another may result in layout issues or even corrupted text. So it’s vital you work with a company that understands how to convert your book into different text languages with integrity.


At last count, there were more than 6,500 languages spoken worldwide. Many authors only consider publishing in their native tongue. But eBooks can break down barriers and open up the world to readers everywhere. But how do you translate your work into another language, especially if you aren’t fluent. Computer programs are notoriously bad at translation, so you can’t rely on them. But one of the services that eBook formatters offer is translation. Many companies use writers from all over the world who can take your manuscript and translate not just the words, but the deeper meaning as well.

Benefits of eBook Formatting Services

Sure, you can do it all yourself. Especially if you are a top-notch, multi-lingual editor with HTML5 skills who just happens to have a dual degree in marketing and graphic design.

You can design your cover with stock footage or your neighbor’s hand drawn artwork. You can layout your book and hope it looks good on every platform. You can use google to translate your manuscript into a plethora of languages.

Or, you can put your book in the same category as major publishing firms. You can work with a formatting company that will help you design a cover that stands out in the marketplace. Your book will have a professional look from the moment it’s downloaded. This is the advantage that will keep readers coming back to your work again and again.

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