Self-publishing Myths to be Broken

5 Self-publishing Myths that Needs to be Broken

5 Self-publishing Myths that Needs to be Broken
After putting in long winding hours and massive effort writing and deciding to self-publish your book, it is disheartening to read about self-publishing myths about self-publishing. The self-publishing world has expanded, but there are still numerous misconceptions around it that springs doubts in aspiring authors’ minds.

Despite many authors who have found success self-publishing their books, the myths are still existing. The article will break these misconceptions and strengthen your decision to self-publish. 

5 Self-publishing Myths that Needs to be Broken

1. You have to Do Everything Yourself.

Many writers believe that they have to do everything themselves when they decide to take the self-publishing route. Unlike traditional publishing, where the publishing house takes care of all steps to publish the book, the writer has to take responsibility for all the steps in self-publishing. 

The writer has to make decisions about editing, formatting, cover design, and marketing. But the misconception is that the writer has to DIY, which is not the fact. The writer can choose any self-publishing company who will take care of the various stages of the process and publish a professional book. 

5 Self-publishing Myths that Needs to be Broken

2. Self-publishing is Expensive

The writer indeed has to pay upfront for all the expenses in various stages of self-publishing. Unlike a traditional publisher who spends on editing, formatting, cover design, and marketing, the writer has to shell money on everything. However, you can choose budget-friendly self-publishing packages to get your book out in public without sacrificing your book’s quality. Many best self-publishers offer budget-friendly publishing plans to publish a high-quality book.

5 Self-publishing Myths that Needs to be Broken

3. Self-publishing Books Don’t Sell Well.

It is the most popular myth that self-published books don’t sell well. Many writers have heard this myth numerous times. 

Earlier, book sales majorly happened through bookstores, but that scenario has changed now. Once you have your book added online, there are higher chances for your book to make sales. If you have a good book and a proper promotion plan, then your book is set to make great sales. 

5 Self-publishing Myths that Needs to be Broken

There are various promotional tactics you can employ to get your book out in the market:

  • You can use social media to share your snippets of writing and also promote your book. 
  • You can launch a blog and also write guest posts to popular websites and online communities.
  • You can build an email list and author website.

You can use these ideas while self-publishing your book, and it can help sell more books than you can expect. 

4. It is for people who couldn’t get a Traditional Book Deal.

Before self-publishing was more acceptable and respected, it was chosen by writers who couldn’t get a deal with traditional publishers. It was the time when writers failed at traditional publishing and chose self-publishing as a last resort.

It was considered that the writers who self-published were amateurs and lacked the skills. But the scenario has changed tremendously. 

Self-publishing is highly accepted today. Many popular authors are choosing to self-publish their books by avoiding gatekeepers. 

5. Challenging to get Book Reviews 

There is a misconception that it is difficult to get book reviews for self-published books, unlike traditional books. Gone are the days when book reviews were counted only when it came to Publisher’s Weekly or other big names. But now some famous bloggers are writing reviews, and their work gets respected and accepted. There are reader reviews and bloggers who can give a positive growth for your book. 

5 Self-publishing Myths that Needs to be Broken

Self-publishing is an incredible choice for first-time authors, and it can give you tremendous success too. We hope this article helped debunk these popular myths and help you move forward confidently with your choice to self-publish the book. 

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