Self Publishing vs Traditional Publishing

self publishing vs traditional publishing

You finally finished your manuscript and are ready to publish. Do you stick to the traditional route of publishing? Trying to approach an agent who might take months or get it self-published? Which is better, traditional publishing versus self-publishing?

1. Creative Freedom

Self-publishing is all about creative freedom. While professional editors and designers guide you along the way, you will be in control. Since the book’s rights are with you, the outcome will be the way you want it.

In traditional publishing, you are signing away the rights on your book.

2. Time Frame

Now that you have finished penning your book the excitement kicks in! Let me just put it out there for you.

  • It roughly takes about 1-3 months for your book idea to transform into a book proposal to your literary agent.
  • From the agent to the editor and for the book contract offer it takes another 2- 5 months. You can imagine how the rest goes!
  • The total time from the idea of your book to print might approximately take 2 years. The mileage might vary, but I’m sure you would not want to wait that long for your book to hit the shelves, right?

Whereas in self -publishing, as soon as you tell them the idea of your book or   give them the manuscript, someone is assigned to guide you. Do not worry    cause you can still call the shots, and your book will hit the shelves in just 3- 4 weeks. Why waste more than a year for only one book when you can write many?

3. Anyone Can Write

If you have a story to share with the world, then good self-publisher is your best friend. You don’t have to be a professional or a trained writer to be an author. If you are hesitant that you might make errors in grammar or vocabulary, our professional editor is always there to guide you.

4. Good Start For First Timers

It is very rare for a first-time publisher to land an agent at a traditional publishing agency, let alone getting the book published. Even if you do, let me tell you this.

  • You get less than 10% of the net proceeds.

Why not take the lion’s share by selling your masterpiece? If you are lucky to land a deal with a traditional agency, that’s great, but I’m sure wouldn’t like signing away your first book’s rights, would you? Many first time authors prefer self-publishing as they have full control over every aspect of their book.

5. Keep Profits

Everyone wants to make money, and if you say you are just in it for the passion, then well and good. Your book sales are the source of making money. It can be anything from “having just enough money to put food on the table” to making millions — all this varies on how your book sells. If you do get published traditionally, they have a bigger chunk of money, and all you get is little.

What’s the bottom line? Have the bigger chunk and 100% royalty via self publishing for yourself instead of giving up the major share to the traditional company.

6. Close Relationship With The Professionals

Yes, the traditional way of getting published sounds all professional, blah blah. Just one question. HOW?

  • No say in the cover design of your book.
  • No say on where the story should be modified.

Yep, you read it right. You thought that it is just deciding the cover design or anything not relating to your story is okay, right? NO.

  • They can even edit, remove or do anything with your story since you have given them your book’s rights. Professional designers, editors, illustrators are assigned to you if you self-publish. What’s the difference? You get to be the boss. They will come up with suggestions and pitch so many different ideas, but only if you want to, you can go ahead. You don’t even have to change your story. Want to write about a unicorn ruling the world? Your imagination is our command.
  • You decide when and how to publish your book.
  • Nothing will be changes unless you want to.

7. Final Say

Look at it from any angle such as freedom, money, time flow, flexibility, self-publishing takes the lead, but remember not all professional or trained writers have only get to be authors.

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