Best Podcasts to help you Self-publish your book.

5 Best Podasts that will Help you Self-publish your Book

5 Best Podasts that will Help you Self-publish your Book

It’s not an easy feat to publish your first novel. First, you’ve got to start with writing a book that will instantly hook the reader. Your book should also keep them turning the pages with relatable information and characters. If it’s a fiction book, it should include plot twists that are inevitable, yet surprising.

Once you’re done and dusted with the writing, you’ve got your manuscript. But now comes the high-stake decision you have to make. Should you self-publish or go traditional? Finally, if you decide on going the self-publishing route, you need to figure out how to get your book in the hands of more readers who will love it.

There’s a massive well of content out there in the world to help writers when it comes to self-publishing. But the best way amongst them all is through podcasts. There is a slew of podcasts on self-publishing that will take you all the way through. 

There are many podcasts on self-publishing out there that contain different angles, themes, and even styles. However, in our quest to make it easier for you, we’ve filtered it down with research and picked the best five self-publishing podcasts for you to listen to so you can create a path for yourself and make that high-stake decision.

1. Authority Self Publishing

Bestselling authors and entrepreneurs host this podcast. The Authority Self Publishing podcast primarily speaks about Amazon Kindle publishing strategies on the KDP platform. Apart from that, they also provide several useful marketing tactics that an author can use to launch their book once done publishing. Lasting 30 minutes, there is a new episode every Monday and Thursday.

Tune into if: you want to gain access to a wealth of invaluable publishing, marketing, and writing resources!

An episode to listen: ASP 79: 5 Lessons Learned from #1 Overall Paid Book on Amazon

 Host: Barrie Davenport, Steve Scott, and Ron Clendenin.

5 Best Podasts that will Help you Self-publish your Book

2. Self-Publishing School

It is a relatively new podcast but contains volumes of information that will help you during your self-publishing pathway. The podcast covers topics right from writing a book, launching a book, and using your book to grow a six-figure income. It also hosts many guest authors who share their strategies for getting on the NYT and WSJ bestseller lists and how to use your book to scale businesses of all kinds.

Tune into if: you’re looking to write, market, & publish your first book in as little as 90 days.

An episode to listen: SPS 071: Extreme Ownership, The Dichotomy of Book Publishing, And Using Publicity To Help Sell 2.5M+ Copies with Leif Babin

Host: Chandler Bolt.

5 Best Podasts that will Help you Self-publish your Book

3. Self-Publishing Formula

The podcast provides weekly inspiration and education to writers at all stages of their careers. There are also weekly masterclasses where the host delves into a particular topic, from building a mailing list to the latest social media advertising techniques and everything else in between. The podcast takes an in-depth look at the useful aspects of self-publishing like book launches and testing out an idea before writing.

Tune into if: you need to know how to make your books visible on all the major retailers’ virtual shelves.

An episode to listen: SPS-218: The Self Publishing Show Live 2020 (Show Recap)

Host: Mark Dawson.

5 Best Podasts that will Help you Self-publish your Book

4. Sell More Books Show

It is a weekly podcast that focuses on helping new and experienced authors stay up-to-date with the latest self-publishing and indie news, tools, and bookselling/marketing strategies. It does exactly what it says, helps you sell more books. The hosts offer tried and tested tips that will help you successfully self-publish your book.

Tune into if: you want to know more about book marketing aspects, such as email marketing, building lists, and promoting your book on social media platforms.


Host: Bryan Cohen, Jim Kukral and H. Claire Taylor

5 Best Podasts that will Help you Self-publish your Book

5. Self-Publishing Podcast

This podcast has over 200 episodes of quality, business-focused information for self-publishers. If you want to sell and publish more books, this is one of your go-to podcasts. The podcast shows you how to be in charge of your own business rather than jumping through hoops to please the Powers that Be.

Tune into if: you want to get your writing into the world without contending with agents, publishers, or the other gatekeepers in traditional publishing.

An episode to listen: SPP276 Using Amazon Ads with Brian Meeks

These podcasts will help you learn about the best self-publishing marketplaces and provide you with new branding ideas. Listening to these podcasts, you can also learn the latest trends in the writing industry and get a much better understanding of what needs to be done for you to succeed.

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