Writing Podcasts for Aspiring Authors

6 Inspiring Writing Podcasts for Aspiring Authors

6 Inspiring Writing Podcasts for Aspiring Authors

If you haven’t jumped on the podcast bandwagon yet and wondering what the hype is all about, worry not, we’ve got you covered. 

Podcasts make everyone feel good and entertained especially while doing mundane tasks that one dreads. Sometimes, people listen to podcasts to also pass the time. But mostly, it also teaches us something new and helps one gain a new outlook because of it. It’s the best piece of inspiration to keep one going. 

While you’re in the middle of writing your future bestseller for writers like you, you might find yourself in need of a piece of advice or even inspiration to keep you going. That’s where a podcast comes in. There is a well of valuable content to help you, and the easiest way to access it is through podcasts.

There are many podcasts out there that will help you hone your writing skills. With each episode dedicated to a particular topic in more ways than one, it will be an integral part of your work. It will also help you train into becoming a skilled writer. If you’re struggling with a particular problem, there’s a podcast out there for you to help solve it.

Here are five best podcasts for a writer that will lend a helping hand:

1. The Writer Files: Writing, Productivity, Creativity, and Neuroscience

About: Everyone has habits. There are some we also aren’t aware of. But yet we make sure to implement other habits into our lives, hoping it will make us more successful. Sometimes we also tend to look up at people we admire and follow their habits, hoping it might work for us. This weekly podcast does just that. It aims to uncover the secrets behind those habits that spark the productivity and creativity of renowned writers. The host tries to figure this out by talking to authors, literary professionals, and neuroscientists.

Tune into if: you want to know what makes other writers tick.

An episode to listen to: How Bestselling Self-Published Author Steff Green Writes: Part One

Host: Kelton Reid

6 Inspiring Writing Podcasts for Aspiring Authors

2. Between The Covers

About: This podcast contains in-depth conversations with authors about their writing process and books. You’ll get to know the stories behind their stories and the meaning behind certain scenes. You’ll also get to see the writing style of the author, and if it coincides with yours, you’ll also be able to get a few tips from them.

Tune into if: you’re looking for a little inspiration and want to know what inspired your favorite authors to write their best-selling books.

An episode to listen:  Tin House Live: Craft Talk: Lidia Yuknavitch on “Writing from the Deep Cut.”

Host: David Naimon

6 Inspiring Writing Podcasts for Aspiring Authors

3. Helping Writers Become Authors

About: This podcast is exactly what the title suggests. It lends writers a helping hand. Each episode delves into a specific writing process right from character development to story structure. That’s not all that the host also talks about the want vs. need conflict that can drive a character’s story. This podcast helps writers in summoning inspiration, crafting solid characters, structuring and outlining novels, and polishing prose.

Tune into if: you’re struggling with a particular block, and if you listen closely, there’s a high chance your question will be answered in over the 500 episodes that the weekly podcast contains.

An episode to listen: Ep. 514: 5 Ways to Help Writers During the Pandemic

Host: K.M. Weiland

6 Inspiring Writing Podcasts for Aspiring Authors

4. Writing Excuses

About: This podcast is hosted by a group of writers who provide tips for writing techniques. Each episode is 15 minutes long and comes with a tagline that says, “Fifteen minutes long because you’re in a hurry, and we’re not that smart.” The podcasts cover genres, structures, and character. It is currently in its 15th season.

Tune into if: you’re looking for strategies that might help you bring the writing in under the deadline.

An episode to listen: 15.07: Creating Chapters

Hosts: Dan Wells, Howard Tayler, Brandon Sanderson, Mahtab Narsimhan, Margaret Dunlap, and Mary Kowal.

6 Inspiring Writing Podcasts for Aspiring Authors

5. I Should Be Writing

About: This award-winning podcast is one of the best for would-be writers. Each episode features interviews with an author who has a new book. It encourages writers who are working on their books to get them to believe in themselves. This podcast speaks to over 8000 listeners every week.

Tune into if: you’re facing an emotional roadblock that one finds in a writing career.

An episode to listen: What does “No” mean?

Host: Mur Lafferty

6 Inspiring Writing Podcasts for Aspiring Authors

6. Dead Robots’ Society

About: Inspired by Mur Lafferty’s podcast, Dead Robots’ Society is a fun podcast by aspiring writers for aspiring writers. The hosts of this podcast share writing insights that are typically related to writing novels. They also speak about the lessons they learned during their career.

Tune into if: you’re looking for a podcast that talks about the process of writing a book from word choice to sequels and series.

An episode to listen: LESSONS LEARNED – DRS EPISODE 574

Host: Justin Macumber, Terry Mixon, and Paul E. Cooley.

6 Inspiring Writing Podcasts for Aspiring Authors

Whether you’re looking for help to navigate through the publishing world, tips to help yourself write better, or just a dose of inspiration from the authors you look up to, there are surplus podcasts out there to keep you on the right track. Start listening to these six podcasts, hone your writing skills, and write a better book.