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In this competitive publishing world, where thousands of eBooks are sold each day, it is crucial for your eBook to stand out among the rest. The best way to ensure your eBook grabs the reader’s attention is to have an amazing cover.

A good cover is the perfect sales tool for your eBook.A beautiful cover can instill curiosity among the readers, and they do judge a book by its cover. A professional cover design is needed for your eBook, and you can get it designed from our team of professional cover designers.

Importance of a Professional eBook Cover

With advancements in technology, there has been a splurge in eBooks sales. And, everyone is realizing the importance of having a professional covers for eBooks as well. Unlike earlier times where eBooks came with a simple cover with title alone or no cover at all, now the significance of eBook covers is understood by all.

Cover is the first aspect we notice about eBooks. In printed books, there is an option to look at the book spine or back of the book cover for more information or it gives more time to capture the reader’s attention. But with eBooks, cover design is the only shot you get at creating a great first impression. 

Designing an eBook Cover

The process of designing an eBook cover is crucial. You need to add all the important elements on your eBook cover. The elements that needs to be added on the cover:

  • Title of the Book
  • Author’s Name
  • Illustration or Photo

You needn’t worry about designing the cover for your eBook. You focus on writing and getting your manuscript ready. Let us design an amazing cover for your eBook.

The designing process

Book Cover Design Prices:

Basic eBook Cover Design


Advanced eBook Cover Design


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Process to get your professional eBook cover design:


Submission of Synopsis:

Our publishing manager will come up with ideas for book covers.


Confirm the Quote:

Confirm the quote with us after the discussions with our publishing manager.


Samples & Revisions:

We will send you two samples for the cover. Choose one from them, and we will make revisions on it.


Final Result:

The final sample will consist of eBook covers, and the imagery for thumbnails.

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