Fixed Layout eBook Conversion for Apple and Kindle

Fixed-layout eBook Conversion

Create a high-quality eBook with Interactive Features

Do you want to self-publish your book in a fixed-layout format?

With fixed-layout, you can focus on what matters – your content. You don’t have to worry about how your book will look on different screens or devices because we take care of that for you! We also offer free design templates, so there’s no need to hire an expensive designer. 

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What is a Fixed-layout eBook?

Fixed-layout eBooks are the latest trend in the eBook world. Writers, artists, and educators prefer this format for publishing children’s books, cookbooks, illustrated books, travelogues, academic books, and more. It’s easy to use, and it looks great on all devices! 

They offer many benefits for authors to consider when self-publishing their next title. The most notable benefit is that it allows them complete control over how their content looks on every screen size imaginable with no additional formatting work needed. 

It is similar to print books where the pages of the eBook are fixed. The aspects like text, images, sound, and animation are perfectly set in this format. The fixed-layout format is fully functional HTML-based eBooks.

When should Fixed-layouts be used?

The fixed-layout format is a style of formatting that includes a combination of images and text. It is perfect for:

Our Process

With more than a decade of experience, P2p offers the perfect conversion you desire. We help you transform an intricate design into a professional high-quality fixed-layout eBook. 

Our team of experts incorporates an array of features that makes your eBook engaging and entertaining.

We Design Fixed-layout Format for:

  • Fixed-layout EPUB3 format for Apple Book

Apple books are found more engaging by readers worldwide because of its unique features and accessibility. 

  • Fixed-layout KF8 for Amazon Kindle Devices

KF8 is the next-generation format of Amazon that works on all Kindle devices and reading apps. Commonly used for books that have high-graphic content like children’s picture books, cookbooks, coffee table books, and art books.

  • Kindle Textbook Creator for Kindle Devices

It is the latest tool that allows you to do formatting, design, and publishing your eBook. We can professionally convert your PDFs of textbooks and other academic books into Kindle books with it. 

  • Kindle Comics for Amazon 

Kindle Comic Creator makes it easy for authors and publishers to import artwork, create their preferred customer reading experience and preview how their book will look on Kindle devices.

  • NOOK Kids ePIB for Barnes & Noble

NOOK ePIB is similar to that of EPUB3. It supports read to me audio narration and makes it more engaging and interactive. 

The Add ons:

  • Add audio to make it read-aloud
  • Text-highlighting 
  • Background music
  • Rich Color & Graphics
  • Read-aloud narration 
  • Dynamic Table of Contents
  • Embed fonts 
  • Full-page zoom
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Why Choose P2p?

The technical team at P2p is specialized in providing a professional fixed-layout conversion in different formats approved by Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, other major eBook retail platforms.

A Dedicated Publishing Manager

Our publishing manager would guide you through the whole process. They will help you at each step hearing all your needs, and provide valuable suggestions to create a professional eBook

10+ years Experience

We have been in the book publishing business for more than a decade and have converted more than 600 million pages. We have helped many authors and publishers successfully finish their projects and accomplish their dreams.

Reasonable Price

We provide a stress-free conversion of your eBook at an affordable price.

Quality Check

We go the extra mile to consider even the minutest details and double-check to ensure a high-quality product.

Fixed-layout eBook Conversion FAQs

Fixed-layout is the EPUB file format with interactive elements. These eBooks have a two-page spread and turn-around animation. It can be sold to online retail platforms like Amazon, Apple, and so on.

To create a fixed-layout eBook, it is beneficial to have a high-resolution PDF. It would facilitate a seamless conversion.

We recommend you sell your fixed-layout eBook to online publishing retail platforms like Amazon, Apple, and so on. 

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