How to Create an eBook with Clickable Links

How to Create an eBook with Clickable Links

Authors wonder if it is possible to add hyperlinks to their eBooks, and the answer is yes. You can add clickable links to your eBook, which would direct readers to various web pages. Most eReaders and reading apps are connected to Wi-fi and the internet, so adding links enhances the reading experience.  

You can add hyperlinks in eBooks almost anywhere you like. You can add websites, reference sites, blog articles, videos, other book titles, and your email address. 

Now that you know it is possible to create an eBook with clickable links, we need to understand how to do it. Many authors use Microsoft Word or Google Docs to add hyperlinks to eBooks. This blog post will show you how easy it is to do in Microsoft Word. So read on, and get started!

1. Create a new document in Microsoft Word or Google Docs

To start creating your eBook, open a new document in Word or Docs. You can begin typing your eBook, or copy the already typed eBook into the document. 

After that step, you can save the document with the book title. You can do this by going to File/Save As or clicking on the Save icon on the top toolbar.

2. Go to the Insert tab in the Menu

To add hyperlinks, go to the Insert menu and select Links. Or press CTRL+K to add the links. You can paste the URL of the website or reference site you want to add and also the text you want to appear with the link.

3. You can publish your eBook

Now that you have added the clickable links, your eBook is all set to be published. With clickable links, it is possible to earn money selling eBooks.

We’ve shown you how to create an ebook with clickable links so that readers can easily navigate through the content. It takes a bit of time and work, but it is worth it to increase the readability of your eBook and for it to succeed.

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