How to Properly Intend Paragraphs for an eBook

How to Properly Intend Paragraphs for an eBook?

The simple solution to properly indent paragraphs in your eBook is to never use the tab key or space bar in the Word document.

It is a common mistake made by writers while they format an eBook. It is habitual for many of us to use both the tab key and space bar while typing any document. But as far as eBooks are considered using both these keys, the result would be a messy eBook. 

To create a professional eBook, make sure you avoid using the tab key and space bar. You can use paragraph setting in the formatting section in Word to properly intend the first line of each paragraph. 

We recommend you set the first line indentation to 0.5 to avoid large intend in eBooks. Remember that the indentation might change depending on the type of eBook. 

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