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Print Book Genres

Aren’t Book Styles the Eye into the Book Genres?

Let’s face it. Long gone are the days when no one judges a book by its cover. Many of us have become accustomed to a particular book style for specific genres, and this book style is the first sign of capturing one’s attention.

As readers, when we see books sold on stores, we gravitate to that usual design and style of the genre we have majorly seen and read. Therefore, authors need to be careful when choosing the book style to ensure that it doesn’t compromise on the selling point.

This page will be an eye-opener for all those authors contemplating choosing from the ocean of book styles and formats.Choose the genre of your book and find out the perfect style best-suited to print your books!

Print Book Genres
Print Book Genres

State-of-the-Art Printers to Create the Magic!

We want nothing but the best for the authors! We have the latest printers with the highest grade in the printing press that creates magic on paper and brings your book to life. No matter if you are printing a non-fiction book or an art book, our printers are just what you need to bring your dream book to reality.

Do you have books that have lots of graphics and images and worried about compromising them during the printing? Well, fear not. If you are looking to print a photography book, children book, art book or any eBook that requires high-quality colour printing, be assured that we have specific high-quality printers that make your images come live on the paper.

We Are Here to Guide You.

Should my book be hardcover or paperback?


What quality of paper is best for my book?


Should I choose the glossy lamination by default?


How can I know the right book style adopted in my genre?

You will have so many questions like these when printing your book. You can get all your questions answered on this page and find that perfect book style to print your book and get it published.

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Printing your book with us is very easy! Share an online copy of your book and let us know your specifications. We will get your book printed soon. You can print any number of copies with us, no minimum limits!

If you need further guidance, you can book a free consultation with us. As we have been in this industry for over a decade, our team of publishing experts will help you out in choosing the right style based on the book genre.

Select your book genre and decide on that perfect style that makes your book look amazing!


The perfect companion to carry around anywhere.


Foolproof your book in the most powerful way.

non fiction

Fiction, Non-Fiction

Where imagination, logic, and reality meet.

Putting things into perspective, in your way.

advanced nonfiction

Photography Books

Bring those stunning photographs to life.

specialised books

Poetry Books

Where emotions run high on papers.

cook book


Cooking up tasty recipes with a slice of fun.

novel memoir

Science Fiction Books

No rules, no limits, no boundaries for the imagination.

Magazine and Booklet Printing

Keep your readers hooked and wanting for more.