What is the Best Time to Publish your Book?

What is the Best Time to Publish your Book?

What is the Best Time to Publish your Book?
There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best time to publish your book depends on various factors. However, we will outline an idea that should help you decide when to publish your work. Firstly, think about your target audience and when they are most likely to be buying books. If you have a seasonal topic or theme, it might make sense to publish during that time of year. You should also consider any significant events or holidays that might impact book sales. Finally, ensure you have completed all of your editing and marketing efforts before publishing. 

The best time to self-publish a book may vary depending on your genre. While some genres like romance or mystery novels have a steady demand year-round, others such as nonfiction may struggle during certain seasons. So, let us do a month-by-month breakdown on the best time to publish by genre to have a better understanding.


Post-holiday season: People are starting a new year thinking about change and they would choose books that would help them. So, it is the best time to self-publish non-fiction, like diet books, self-help books, relationship books, personal and career growth.


Valentine’s day season: It is the month where love is in the air. People are in the mood to read romance novels or gift such books to their loved ones. Another genre that sells well during this season is poetry, so it is the perfect time to get your poetry books self-published.  


Women’s Day & Easter time: Books on topical issues around women’s health, freedom and empowerment, celebrating womanhood, and more. Easter typically falls in March or early April, and people are looking for inspirational books, religious books, and picture books to put into Easter baskets.


Spring is nearing an end, and so is school in April. People are beginning to think about summer, and more importantly, vacation. So, it is a good time to publish travel books or books about exotic locales. April is also National Poetry Month, so it’s a good time for poetry as well.


The month centers around one person, Mom. People read personal memoirs, coffee table books, inspirational romances—or any other book that goes perfect with a bouquet of roses.

June to August

June is the time for grads. People are looking for that perfect inspirational or professional book to slip into the hands of that high school or college grad. If you think you’ve written something meaningful that will help that grad grow either in their professional or personal life. July to August is time for summer reads like paperback mysteries, romances and science fiction. 


It is the month for histories, biographies, political books, and anything else that could fit into the academia market. Since it is back to school time, books on parenting, education, technical, professional, literature and fiction.

October to December

The holidays are here and it seems like the perfect time to launch a book. Books for children, cookbooks, history and spirituality are popular markets for this holiday. 


Becoming a bestselling author depends on the time you publish your book. The best time to publish a book may vary depending on your genre. The article has listed the best time to publish your book based on genre, so you can make an informed decision about when to release yours too!

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