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Importance OF Editing

Importance of Editing

After you are done writing your book it has not ended unless you edit it. Editing should be done before any text is published. It is the secret for every successful book. If there are visible mistakes in your book then your credibility as an author is lost. Some authors edit their books as they are writing while the others prefer to wait for few days before starting to edit. Majority of authors prefer to have their manuscript edited by a professional editor.

Reasons to get your book edited by a professional

1. A Fresh Point Of View

You’ve spent days working on your book, and you become blind to errors. A new set of eyes will help you point out mistakes. Many readers ask their friends or someone to read the story for feedback.

2. Saves Time

Save time from reading your manuscript for the 8th time to find tiny errors. Instead, start your next manuscript and leave the minute editing details to the pros.

3. Expert At Getting Attention

A Professional Editor is an expert at getting attention to your manuscript. Not only the grammar is improved, but an editor will also help you make your plot a big hit, give any improvements to the character and what not.

4. Honest Feedback

Many authors ask their friends, or someone is known to them to read their book and give honest feedback.  While many are flattered with this request and give him positive feedback not to “hurt your feelings,” editors will provide you with honest feedback to improve your manuscript and make it more attractive to the readers.

5. Helps You Grow

Getting an editor will you help improve your attention to detail. Editing is a professional skill. An editor will improve your manuscript overall. Don’t beat yourself up and waste time trying to improve your book when you have a professional editor whose only priority is to make your book a best seller!


The two types of editing usually done is

Copy Editing –  Also known as text editing is a word by word editing done for grammar, usage and consistency issues.  Copy editors check for spelling, grammatical errors, typos, linguistic and syntactical errors along with punctuation such as commas, semicolons, and quotation marks.

Substantive Editing –  Consists of copy editing along with plot changes, and narrative style