Inserting Page Break while Formatting an eBook

How to Insert Page Break while Formatting your eBook

How to Insert Page Break while Formatting your eBook

A new chapter always begins on a new page in any book, be it print or ebook. We have noticed many writers mistake pressing the ENTER tab multiple times to start a new page. It only causes more problems while formatting your book. For instance, if you want to add or remove a chunk of text from a particular chapter, you again have to add or delete the line breaks and force the chapters to start on the next page.

The EPUB file will only look messy with the earlier technique, making it difficult for readers to enjoy the book. So, it is essential to use page breaks to prepare an EPUB file that is all set for publishing on Kindle or any other platform.  Before we dive into the process of how to add breaks while formatting an eBook, let’s look at when to use it.

When to use Page Breaks in your eBook?

It is important to note that there is no fixed pagination associated with eBooks which means you can add breaks wherever necessary. You need to know where page break has to occur in your EPUB files. For example, you might want to add a break at the end of a chapter or wherever you want a new page to start. You may also add breaks before or after an image or photo to ensure the caption stays connected to the image itself.

How to Insert Page Break in Microsoft Word?

In Word, it is easy to create sections. At the end of a chapter, give a page break. Click on the Insert tab, and click on the page break. If you are writing your book on Word, use this technique instead of hitting ENTER several times to go to new pages or a chapter. The chapter will start on the next page and will be easier for you to create other sections or chapters.

How to Insert Page Break while Formatting your eBook

It is the easiest way to start a new page or a new chapter while creating your eBook. One simple step can save you massive time and effort and also makes your publishing journey hassle-free.

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