Bad eBook Formatting to Avoid

5 Bad eBook Formatting Errors you Need to Avoid

5 Bad eBook Formatting Errors you Need to Avoid

There is nothing quite like reading a good eBook. Part of the experience is not just about having great content but in the book formatting itself. A low-quality eBook not only affects the reading experience but also affects your eBook sales.

When readers buy an eBook, they want it to be professional and free of any formatting errors or mistakes. Let’s have a look at the common eBook formatting mistakes made by authors when they self-publish their eBooks:

1. Bad Paragraph Intend or No Paragraph Breaks

In eBooks, when paragraphs are poorly intended, it looks messy and makes it unappealing for readers to continue reading it. While formatting a professional eBook in Word, ensure never to use the tab key or space bar in the Word document. 

2. Section Breaks

Make sure there are even spaces between each section break while creating an eBook. The spaces between the paragraphs and headers got to be the same. Otherwise, the eBook is bound to look disorganized and unprofessional.

5 Bad eBook Formatting Errors you Need to Avoid

3. The Font Choice

Choosing the right font and size is crucial while designing an eBook. eBook readability across all devices is a must and ensures that you need to choose standard fonts and not fancy ones.

4. Handling Images

Academic eBooks and textbooks are used widely, and it can be tricky to format images for an eBook. You need to pay extra attention while adding pictures and ensuring great visual appeal for your eBook. 

5. Table of Contents

The table of contents in the eBook needs to be hyperlinked. If not, it is difficult for the reader to navigate through the eBook. Make sure your eBook’s table of contents is hyperlinked. 

Avoid these lousy eBook formatting errors and successfully self-publish your professional eBook and of high quality. 

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